Why Duct Cleaning Is Important

Why Duct Cleaning Is Important?

Using a HVAC system nowaday is becoming more and more preferred method of heating and cooling both residential and commercial building. It has so many pros over the other methods, such as efficiency and comfort that there is no doubt many people will choose it for the future. 

What are the main benefits of using the HVAC system? 

  • Efficiency

If we take the statistics, using a HVAC system, is a way to decrease the power bills each month, while achieving perfect temperatures each time with no hassle.  If you closely monitor and track the temperature range, the system will turn off and on accurately, which helps to reduce bills even more.

  • Performance

Along with making your home or office more comfortable at any season, choosing to install such a system is beneficial for the quality of the air that circulates throughout the place. This is a fact due to different filters that the system might have. 

  • Investment Return

One of the negatives of getting a HVAC system is that installation can be a bit expensive and it is not something that anyone can afford. But it is proven that the investment shortly returns, because of the lower power bills. In addition, when selling or buying a house, a properly working HVAC system is one of the main things that can increase the value of the property. 

  • Lifespan of the system

Manufacturers use different technologies when creating the systems, which guarantees that they are capable to last for a long time, if maintained properly. Of course, the experts from Supreme Duct Cleaning recommend having the system professionally checked twice a year, to avoid the chance of damages and costs on repairs. 

How to find out if our ducts require professional servicing? 

It is recommended to get the ducts and the whole system checked twice a year, and when you are selling or buying a property. However, there are some indications that can definitely show us that our air conditioning needs to be checked ASAP. 

  • Odd smells 

One of the main purposes of choosing an HVAC system for your home is to have the quality of air. But clean and fresh air does not smell oddly. This is why if you notice some strange smells around the house – you need to immediately have the ducts checked. 

  • Dust and Debris

Air ducts can easily get contaminated by dust, dirt and different debris. If not cleaned properly, pollen and bacteria, along with the dust, are spread throughout the whole property from the vents. If the dust gathers more frequently on the furniture – check the ducts. 

  • Allergies and worsen health condition

Polluted air can cause many health problems, and some of the initial ones include dry eyes, sticky nose, headaches and others. They can develop a variety of allergies and even cause asthma.  This is why, in case of any worsen health condition, you can start by checking the air conditioning system to ensure it is clean and maintenanced. 

  • Higher electricity bills + lower efficiency

A definite sign that your HVAC must be serviced as soon as possible is the higher energy bill. Of course, the amount may vary according to the season, but a large difference is something we should not underestimate. Of course, in most cases, if there is a HVAC issue – you will notice that the whole system is not behaving as expected and lowering its performance. 

  • Mould growth indications

As per the specialists from Epic Duct Cleaning, mould is really dangerous for both your health and the property. It can grow inside the ducts undisturbed and cause all the health issues mentioned above. But if you see mould spots on the ceiling or around the ducts, or you notice the specific mould smell, you need to act quickly. Luckily, most of the duct cleaning companies offer same-day services, so you can be sure your issue will be handled in a timely manner.


Some DIY cleaning methods might be working for basic cleaning purposes, but having the whole HVAC system checked by an expert will guarantee there are no bigger issues or if there are – such will be resolved. And along with that, using special equipment, the cleaning companies can make the ducs way more clean that via just a brush and a vacuum.

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