Most Common Types of Household Pests and How Dangerous They Are

Each kind of animal is important for the ecosystems in our would, including all the bugs and insects. But often, these creatures can be found where they do not belong – in our beloved homes. There is almost not a single home that has never been suffering from pests invasion. And no matter how clean and tidy your house is – different pests always find their way.  

Many of the house pests are hard to notice, and they can be harmful not only to your health, but to your property as well. And we must admit – no one wants their home attacked by these creatures. This is why it is always a good idea to have proper pest control performed, as advised by the specialists from Pest Control. This will certainly save you money and hassle. 

But how many pests are there? How harmful can each type be? What damages they can cause and how we can deal with them? We will cover these topics below. 

We should start by saying that there are over hundreds of thousands known and unknown types of pests. You can see different types of flies, bugs and ants, termites and rodents – these are the most common household pests. Of course, all these may vary according to the area you live in – some pests prefer a humid environment, others like dry. For there are some that could be found in every single home all over the world.

1. Ants

Ants are most likely to be found in the kitchen, and they are not deadly to human’s health. But usually, they can contaminate food and lead to serious food waste, especially if they find your supplies. Ants can be easily handled if found on time, before they build nests. If you find ants in your kitchen, you can try spraying the area with a mixture of water and dish soap and see if they will disappear.  

2. Termites

Termites are considered as really hard to be found, as they live inside the walls. Usually, we notice them when the damage is already done. They tend to eat wooden structures and can cause great damage to the property, which can lead to serious expenses on repairs. 

3. Mice and rats

Mice and rats can carry a lot of different diseases which makes them really dangerous for your health. They can also contaminate and eat the food in your home, plus, they like to chew electric wires, which can lead to fires.  To ensure 100% removal of them, the experts from Pest Control advise always to reach out for professional assistance. 

4. Cockroaches

Cockroaches can mostly be found in the kitchen and bathrooms. These creatures are harmful, because they can increase the chance of developing asthma and a variety of allergies. Cockroaches are difficult to handle due to the fact that they can live in extreme conditions. To trap them, you might fill the bottom of a bottle with syrup, as they are attracted to sweets, and once done, put oil on the top of the bottle to cut their way out.  

5. Flies

Flies are another type of pests attracted to certain foods. They can harm humans by spreading different diseases such as salmonella. In addition, they can easily poison your food. The thing with flies is that they are rapidly reproducing and soon after you notice them, it might be almost impossible to handle them on your own. A great DIY trap for flies could be a jar containing vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. 


Pests are a serious threat for our health and property, this is why we must be aware of most common types and how they can harm us. Most of them can often be hard to find, and hence, hard to handle and remove. This is why we are certain that regular professional checkups are the best idea – prevention can save you from any possible pest invasion.  

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