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Keep it cool: how to stay fresh all day long!

With summer being just around the corner, we thought it might be a good idea to give you some tips on how to stay fresh all day long before you take your chance to buy on amazon products that can help you do that.

We know how hard it must be for you to feel fresh, especially when the temperatures reach 38 degrees Celsius and the humidity is making you feel uncomfortable, but did you know that there are some tips and tricks that you can follow to prevent foul odors and certain medical conditions from showing up on your sensitive area. Let’s dig deeper and find out more about what to do to stay fresh as long as possible and what to avoid keeping your vagina healthy!

When it comes to vaginal health, there are certain DOs and DON’Ts that you might want to pay attention to to prevent odor, discharge, itching, and swelling.

Let us start with the things that should be avoided:

  • Never do douches without them being prescribed by your health care provider. The vagina has an effective self-cleaning mechanism that can usually flush out the bad bacteria by itself. By douching, you can cause an imbalance by flushing out the natural, good bacteria from the vaginal flora.
  • Try not to use feminine products such as sprays or feminine wet wipes. These products often keep moisture in that sensitive area and make the bacterial levels grow, thus causing a bacterial or a yeast infection. If you ever get yeast infection, you should immediately start taking probiotics for yeast infection.
  • Do not use scented soaps on your sensitive area. Scented soaps leave traces of perfume behind, which can irritate sensitive skin. This irritation can further cause an infection because of the natural bacteria that can be found down south.
  • Try to avoid products that claim to detox your vagina, as they often cause more harm than good. Experts do not recommend using those without them being prescribed by your doctor or health provider.

What you could do instead of these things:

  • Experts recommend rinsing your genitals with warm water and specially designed products for hygiene that do not cause vaginal pH imbalance.
  • You can use unscented products, such as gel soaps or soap bars, to wash the outer labia. Try not to overuse the soap and just use a small quantity on the vaginal area.
  • Remember: everyone is different! The vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism, and it is only normal for you to experience discharge from time to time. Be aware of what is normal to you in terms of color, odor, and quantity, just so you can be aware if there would be changes in the future.
  • Try to have regular check-ups with your healthcare provider. Some medical conditions do not show up any type of symptoms, and they can affect your health condition in the long run. Regular check-ups make sure you catch them early, and you get the proper medical treatment for them.

Some experts recommend women have a monthly examination when it comes to their genitals, too. Like they do for breast cancer, they should look for bumps or abnormal areas to make sure that everything is okay. You know how they say: better safe than sorry!

Sometimes, not feeling fresh down there can be expected in certain situations, such as:

  1. After you finished a workout – it is only normal to sweat after an intense workout, and your sensitive area has multiple sweat glands, too. Keeping your pubic area shaved or waxed can help you sweat less and feel more comfortable after a workout.
  2. After intercourse – during intercourse, the human body secretes its natural lubrication as well as other substances like sweat which makes us feel not so fresh. If you are using lube, make sure to choose water-based lube so it will be perfectly safe for you. Also, make sure to take a shower and rinse the outside of the vagina after using lube.
  3. Menopause – after a certain age, every woman experience menopause, and it is only normal not to feel so fresh since your body is going through some changes caused by the reduced estrogen levels.
  4. During your period – menstruation is a different experience for every woman. Depending on the flow or the pain that you are experiencing, you might be feeling uncomfortable. Ensure you do not take too many showers as they could cause a bacterial imbalance on your vaginal flora. Using cotton pads and changing them often should be enough to feel as fresh as you possibly can!

One thing that you should keep in mind is having regular medical check-ups with your healthcare provider. Some urinary tract infections, bacterial infections, and yeast infections show little to no symptoms at all! Routine blood tests could help you get the proper treatment for those infections right away, as they could have severe complications for your health in the long run if left untreated.

All in all, we hope that this little piece of advice will help you have the summer of your life while feeling fresh and good as new! We know that vaginal odor can make you feel ashamed, but it is something natural that every woman experiences from time to time, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of! Some level of body odor is entirely acceptable, and everyone experiences it at some point during the day.

There are many treatments that your doctor can recommend to treat your condition, so don’t hesitate and schedule a medical consultation if you are feeling something off about your body. From boric acid suppositories that can help maintain a healthy natural level of pH to other types of treatment that can fit your condition, be sure that your health will be restored in no time!

With all these in mind, we hope you will take your time to enjoy a relaxing summer holiday feeling as fresh as you possibly could!

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