Powered by the Blockchain system, Bitcoin is the new option for investment in the present market. As the primary digital currency, Bitcoin is a popular name in the crypto market. It is not just an investment option, the Blockchain system associated with Bitcoin has made its debut in several industries. Blockchain technology provides great security hence it is used in the defence industry, Bitcoin is also famous in the music industry and now it has been introduced into the dance industry as well.


In the year 2017, the value of bitcoin skyrocketed to over 1,100 percent, its value went over nineteen thousand dollars. This sudden price rise has benefited several celebrities belonging to the dance and music industries.

  • Artists belonging to the entertainment industry have started accepting Bitcoin as a payment mode. Bitcoin exchange has now become the most common way to transact credit.
  • Bitcoin has always fascinated artists belonging to the music and dance industry. The profits earned through Bitcoin are distributed to major charitable causes. Justin Blau, a performer has revealed that it was in the year 2014, that he was first introduced to the digital money Bitcoin. Ever since then he has donated large amounts for campaigns that work for the welfare of people. He has also helped his fans to learn the technique of Bitcoin trading. For beginners, trading Bitcoin is a difficult task but there are several apps present in the market to help amateurs in Bitcoin trading; one such app is .


The value of Bitcoin is often compared to the value of gold because of its value. Salsa and Blockchain technology of bitcoin have different purposes but the circumstances leading to their emergence are quite the same.

  • Both Bitcoin and Salsa dance form have emerged from what is termed as ‘spontaneous order’ by the scientists, and the term means random emergence of specific order out of chaos, randomness, disorganization and confusion. 
  • Spontaneous order gives birth to systems that are more powerful than what an individual or nation can ever create. Putting it in different words, voluntary human actions are the basis of this kind of phenomenon as said by researchers. 
  • Origin of bitcoin – in the year 2009, Bitcoin was first introduced into the world of cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto. The multi million dollar business runs on the actions of uncountable miners who have to dedicate their time, energy and hard work to mine Bitcoin. This is a decentralized and chaotic process that validates the newly mined Bitcoin to the miners. 

Artists belonging to the dance and music industry invest their money into Bitcoin because the cryptocurrency provides the investors with several advantages. Thus decentralization, spontaneous order caused by chaos and lack of order resulted in the invention of Bitcoin.

  • Origin of salsa dance – Eddie Torres, famously known as ‘Mambo King’ introduced the NYC style of ‘1-2-3-4-5-6-7’ count agreement to salseros before many decades. He had converted a dance form that has its origination from the streets of New York salsa parties of the early ’70s into a more attainable form of dance that salsa experts all around the globe could more readily learn. 

The moves of the salsa dance form are created on a trial-and-error basis and the correlated counts are taken down later. After a professional dancer creates the steps and posts them online, the other dancers learn those moves. Thus a dance count, decentralization and spontaneous order gave rise to disorder and chaos which further resulted in the worldwide adoption of salsa dance.


Ever since its origination, Bitcoin has been a part of the music and dance industry. It is also seen that the Salsa dance form and Bitcoin have a similar pattern of their origination. 

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