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Know the Correct Bra Size

Many women usually feel it difficult to find their correct bra size. Women must be aware of their size as wearing the right bra can make a woman feel confident and does not lead to external problems. Wearing an ill-fitting bra which means, if the bra is small and tight, it leads to frequent breast pain and back pain.  These bras fit too tightly around the breast and there is also a possibility of breast cancer. If the bra size is loose or does not fit correctly, then it can ruin one’s posture and leads to breast sagging as they cannot keep them lifted. It can also cause neck pain.

In such situations, it is mandatory to measure the bra size with a bra size calculator. But don’t worry, a bra size calculator is not a fancy device. All you need is a measuring tape.

To know the bra size, one must stand up straight without a bra on and all they need is a measuring tape and a mirror. One must start by measuring around the bottom of their bust. Right where the band of the bra is, keep the tape snug. The meeting point of the tape in the front after one round around the chest is the size number of one’s bra. Only based on this, wearing the right bra ,one must choose their bra with the accurate size.

How can one know if they are wearing a wrong sized bra?

When a woman feels uncomfortable wearing a bra, it is the first sign of wearing a wrong sized bra. The bra must make one feel comfortable and must boost inner confidence.

There must be no gap between the cups and the breast. The bra must always cover the complete breast and the breast must never escape the bra. Breasts creeping underneath the bra is another sign of wearing a wrong sized bra. On the other hand, when the breasts do not fill the total down part of the cup, it means the size of the bra is not correct for one. That means regardless of size and shapes the bra must fit in completely, and only then, it means that it is the right sized bra.

Another most repeated sign in every woman is the band riding up at the back. When one wears a bra, it is necessary to check if the back band is a straight line to that of the down part of the breasts and should not be higher. It must form a straight line.

The next sign is the bra straps falling. Usually, this happens when one wears a bra that is loose, oversized or under-tightened. To make it the right size it is mandatory to tighten the side straps to the breasts size. Only then we can say that the bra is of the correct size.

Benefits of wearing a correct bra:

–         Wearing a well-fitting bra improves health conditions as it reduces back pain, Chest pain and skin irritation.

–         Few women usually crib to spend on the best lingerie. But never do that. Spending some extra bucks for a suitable bra can help one to have a comfortable feeling and it also lasts longer.

–         A correct bra never feels like one is wearing a garment inside rather, it just feels like a second skin.

–         As mentioned before, a right sized bra reduces back pain and improves the posture of the breasts.

–         A good bra helps one to be more active without distracting them from the work they are up. It improves one’s confidence.

Wearing a bra while sleeping:

If we see, the majority of women have relief only when they hit the bed without a bra. On the other hand, bras usually reflect on blood circulation. While sleeping, the blood circulation is high and bras also affect the nervous system. So, it is advisable to remove the bra before going to bed, but If one wants to wear a bra, they can pursue wearing a sports bra or seamless bra for better blood flow.

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