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Life Hacks: How to Stay Cool without AC

Many people are trying to remain cool now that summer has officially begun, and the temperatures and humidity are rising. Some people may simply switch on their air conditioners, but this is not a reasonable solution for everyone due to their high cost. And if you do, it’s likely that you might be trying to reduce your electric bill.

As summer approaches and the weather gets hot, some tricks and other inventive ideas will keep your home cool without the use of air conditioning. Over the summer, it’s relaxing to turn on the air conditioner or sit in front of the fan. However, these aren’t the only methods for staying calm. Click here to get plenty of ways to keep your home cool without spending a lot of money, which will discuss in more detail in this article.

If you don’t have air conditioning or just don’t want to keep it on all day, remember that there are variety of ways to cool down, from getting a few main items to changing the way you shower, eat, and relax. I am going to explain some easy ways to keep your home (and body) cool without turning on the air conditioner. These will even make you feel like a DIY pro.

Ways/ideas that will help you beat the summer heat and stay cool even if you don’t have air conditioning are:

Cover your blinds:

On a beautiful summer day, you may want to let the sun in, but it’s best to keep it out. Warming rays are blocked by blinds, shades, and curtains, allowing your home to remain cooler. When the windows are in direct sunshine, make sure they’re locked. As easy as this tip can sound, the Carpenter points out that your windows can produce up to 30% excess heat, and that using shades, curtains, and other window treatments can save you up to 7% on energy bills while also reducing indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. You can achieve the best results with zebra blinds which are specifically designed for this.

 Switch on the fans:

Think again if you figured fans were just for blowing hot air around. Box fans should be pointed out the windows to force hot air out. Place your electric fans at key points where airflow will be increased to get the most out of them. Placing them in windows, particularly high-up windows, may make a significant difference, and if two windows with fans face one another, a cross breeze can be enabled. It will feel like AC, as fresh air blows over your sweaty skin. Fans such as box fans, pedestal fans, tower fans, and desk fans can all help. Consider your room space before purchasing a fan because it is a matter of power and usability.

Ceiling fan:

Ceiling fans often circulate air efficiently, keeping you cool. Hot air naturally rises, so these fans pull it up and distribute it, which is particularly beneficial in areas where you’ll be actually sitting, such as bedrooms and living rooms. Ceiling fans range in price from effective and cheap to purchase, so with a little thought and planning, you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs. For larger spaces, longer blades are better, but the number of blades has not really been shown to affect airflow.

Conjure up a cross-breeze:

Place a fan across from a window so the outside wind will blend with the fan to create a cooling cross-breeze. Make the airflow even harsher by placing several fans around the room. If the noise from glass doors keeps you awake at night and the fan noise isn’t enough to drown it out, invest in a sound machine.

Drink plenty of water to stay Hydrated:

Water is one of the strongest defenses against extreme heat. To stop heat-related illness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you “drink more water than normal and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink more.” You’ll be able to cool off while you sweat if you stay hydrated. Crush some ice and make yourself a refreshing slush or smoothie, as they’ve been shown to increase stamina on hot summer days, particularly if you need to exercise or are planning to go outside. Don’t restrict yourself to ice water alone as it gets boring as well. You must try other delightful, cold, chilled items that will also keep you cold.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids, no matter how busy you are. Don’t put off drinking until you’re thirsty.
  2. Avoid highly sugared or alcoholic beverages, as they cause you to lose more body fluid. Drinks that are very cold can also cause stomach pains.
  • Excessive sweating reduces the body’s salt and mineral, which must be resupplied. You can replace the salt and minerals you lose from sweat with a sports drink such as Gatorade Tropical Fruit, Gatorade Blue Bolt, body armor super drink and other seasonal juices etc.

During peak times, stay indoors:

Of course, you can get some fresh air when you can, but resist the urge to do so during the hottest hours of the day. Heat-related illness is more likely if you are exposed to intense sunlight and high humidity, so it’s safer to stay indoors throughout the afternoon. Limit/plan your outdoor activities carefully, try to schedule your outdoor activities for the cooler hours of the day, such as the morning and evening, also rest often in shady areas to allow your body to recover.

Purchase a dehumidifier:

Even the best cross-breeze may not be enough to keep you cool on those hot, humid days. This is where dehumidifiers chip in: they’re great at pulling moisture out of the air and making your home feel more livable. While most air conditioners dehumidify the air, dehumidifiers are also available separately at reasonable rates.

Instead of turning on the air conditioner, install a fan.

Only an air conditioner can’t create the illusion of a sea breeze, but this easy trick can. Fill a mixing bowl halfway with ice (or something similarly cold, like an ice) and place it in front of a large fan at an angle so the air swings off the ice in a super-chilled, super-misty state. It’s magic, you must try that.

Don’t let your appliances run:

 We all agree that sleeping in a cooler environment is preferable. Those constantly running machines, the TV you left on, and all the electronics you used right before bed generate heat. Unplug it if you won’t be using it overnight. Just remember to have your powerline adapters plugged in, in case of a crisis.

Change the covers/sheets:

Seasonally changing your bed-sheets and bedding is not only a great way to freshen up a room, but it’s also a great way to stay cool. Although shielding textiles like plaid sheets and wool blankets are great, but cotton is a better choice this time of year because it breathes better and keeps you cooler.

Let the night air to reach the room:

During the summer, temperatures will drop dramatically at night. If this is the case where you live, take advantage of these revitalizing hours by opening the windows before sleeping. You can also make your own ventilation system by strategically positioning your fans to generate the ideal cross breeze. Just make sure the windows and blinds are closed before it gets really hot in the morning. To generate a cooling pressure current, open the top section of windows on the downwind side and the bottom section of windows on the upwind side of your building.

Switch off the lights:

Heat is produced by light bulbs, even the more environmentally friendly CFLs and LEDs. Fortunately, it stays light until 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. during the summer. Through the energy they consume, even the most environmentally friendly light bulbs produce more heat rather than real light. So, if you have good natural daylight, switch off the lights during the day, or at least don’t have them all on.

Tip: Take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Use lights sparingly or not at all after dark to keep rooms cool.

Take a bath:

 A cold shower or bath is one of the simplest and most effective ways to cool down in the summer.  When you feel like you’re inside the oven in your own house, use cold water to help lower your body temperature. The water doesn’t have to be ice cold; it just needs to be colder than normal. It may seem strange at first, but as soon as you walk out feeling refreshed and energized, you’ll be enjoying.

If you want to take your cold shower game to the next level, you may want to invest in some peppermint items. You can’t go wrong with these products.

Keep the stove off:

It’s not the season to make a steaming soup or roast chicken. To stop producing any more heat in the kitchen, eat cold, room-temperature dishes such as salads, vegetables, and if you want something hot, turn on the grill instead of the oven.

If your hair is long, tie it up:

If you have long hair, you’ve probably experienced the warm scarf that it can make while you sleep. Using a hair-friendly hairband that won’t break your hair when you sleep. Your neck will thank you for it now that it’s cooler.

Light/loose clothing is recommended:

The right nap time outfit is essential. Moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton and silk, as well as moderate synthetic fabrics are used in cooling PJs to avoid nighttime excessive heat. White tees are a summer must-have, but they can also be the secret to staying cool on hot days. Clothing that is lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting absorbs less heat and allows air to enter your skin. Cotton is a good option since it breathes well, but stretchy fibers will also help you cool down. Loose fitting tops, flowy skirts, and 100 percent cotton tees are all good choices. You’ll be able to relax and beat the summer heat.

If you can’t sleep at night because of the temperature, the tips mentioned above will help you Survive Hot Summer Nights (Without AC).

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