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Top 5 Reasons To Switch To a Cloud-Based Phone System

VoIP has made a lot of waves in the business telephony industry. Companies, of all sizes and sorts, bank upon this single technology to improve productivity and revenue. Fueled by the internet, VoIP phone systems are capable of doing what is beyond one’s imagination.

As not every business is the same, virtual phone systems come in different categories such as on-premise, integrated, business, and cloud-based. Though each category has proved its utility in different business environments, cloud-based VoIP is one option that can be implemented without much grueling.

Cloud-based or hosted VoIP is a type of VoIP phone system in which all the hardware and PBX will be located on an off-site location and can be accessed from anywhere. As it demands less initial investment and gives you the freedom to operate from any part of the world, more and more businesses are embracing this technology with open arms. Here are the top 5 reasons that motivate them to do this.

The key to the success of any business lies behind the fact that how intelligently it is procuring its resources. If it is procuring resources with a high-cost tag then meeting the operation budget constraints and gaining a high-profit margin will be a tough nut to crack.

Unlike traditional PBX systems, cloud-based PBX systems don’t demand a lot of initial investment. As no hardware is needed to configure a VoIP system, so it is very easy to set up. VoIP demands no setup cost while a traditional landline will demand around $7 per line setup cost. The same is the case with on-premise VoIP options as it demands a lot of initial capital investment. Hence, these choices are neither wise nor optimal for everyone. Check out reliable reviews comparing the costs of on-premise vs cloud-based phone systems.

It doesn’t stop here. Call incurring charges are also very less in comparison to the traditional landline phone system. All in all, taking the VoIP phone system on board is way more than affordable.

  • It can be customized as per your business

We all love customization as it makes us feel as if the service/product was just made for you. Plus, it ensures that we are making the most of each penny spent.  Cloud-based VoIP allows you to do customization as per your business needs. You hold all the rights to decide the number of lines, features, and access points as well.

Traditional landline phone system lacks big time when it comes to customization. They have set features and are not open to making any changes.

On the other hand, business VoIP systems are not like this. You can choose a plan which is fulfilling your requirements, you can select add-on features you want and you can choose not to use a few predefined features which do not suffice the purpose of your business. In short, VoIP will save you extra cost you would have been paying for the features you won’t need.

For example, you need a local phone number for your small start-up, you may not require all those business features such as call queuing as your business is in the infancy stage only.

Plus, you can choose the number of your choice. You can get 800/1800 toll-free or local phone numbers almost at the same cost. 1800 numbers for businesses are a great investment to improve the customer experience.

  • You are not tied up with phone wires

To flourish beyond limits, you should work beyond limits.  In the case of your traditional landline system, you are restricted to work within office hours. Working beyond the 9-5 system is not possible. This, up to a certain extent, can limit your functionality and success. This is something no business would ever wish for.

However, you can totally mitigate this possibility by switching to a VoIP phone system as it allows you to work from a remote location as well. Users can divert their incoming calls to any data-driven device and answer them from their living room. During this pandemic time, many companies have started using software for virtual call centers  and given their staff permanent work from home. Thus their business is not hindered.

Not only this. With the mobile phone interface of your phone number, users can easily access call records, reports, and voicemails anytime anywhere. With such extended usability, you can easily integrate success beyond any limits.

  • It comes as a ready-to-work feature

Setting up a traditional landline phone system or on-premise system not only requires a lot of ready capital but also consumes a lot of time. Buying a VoIP system shows that you have planned way early for these two options. 

Well, virtual phone systems bring great relief in this area as well. With it, you can plan instantly as well. Setting it up is like a cakewalk. All you need to do is just buy it from a trusted VoIP service provider and it is ready to work.

  • It can match up with the pace of technological advancement

Technology is growing every day. Changing/modifying your existing on-premise or landline telephony system with ever-evolving technology is not practically possible. With cloud-based VoIP, you can make it happen as your chief VoIP provider will keep updating the system at its end. So, you will always be using the best of contemporary times.

A cloud-based VoIP system is one technology that eliminates the hassles involved in setting up the business communication system with such ease that it seems a hassle-free task. So, simplify your operations and save a lot on the operational cost by switching to cloud-based VoIP today.

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