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List of Common Eyes Diseases & Vision Problems

Nowadays, most people sweep aside the Eyes Diseases health because of having a lot on their plate. As a result, they experience the most common problems like blurry vision, glare at night, flashing lights, and spots associated with their eyes. All these eye complaints could be quite a dangerous annoyance or can be a significant early indication of a disease. In this condition, one should always consult promptly with an eye specialist.

Moreover, most of our young generation is experiencing weak eyes because of prolonged working on digital screens. If you have been using colored eye contacts or eyeglasses, ensure that it is an accurate prescription with your doctor. This write-up embodies the list of the numerous eye diseases and vision issues people should be aware of.

  1. Cataracts: This disease is identified by our eyes’ milky and white cloud lens. There are various types of cataract diseases, and they mainly capture people over the age of 50 years. However, it can happen in our eyes at any age. Our eye lens becomes cloudy and milky because of excessive UV exposures or deficiencies of protein over time. Henceforth, it’s highly recommended that whenever you buy the eyeglasses or best colored eye contacts, they should have a UV coating to protect you from eye sunburn.
  2. Age-Related Macular Degeneration: AMD(Age-Related Macular Degeneration) is also considered macular degeneration is one of the prevalent eye diseases. Unfortunately, there is no antidote to this disease so far; nonetheless, we can alleviate this disease. You can prevent severe vision loss by adhering to the medication mentioned below.
  • Anti-angiogenic Drug Medication: Doctors inject this drug into the patient’s eye to block the build-up of blood vessels. Alongside, it blocks the leakage of the blood vessels in the eyes that cause the AMD.
  • Medication of Laser Therapy: An eye specialist conducts the high-energy laser light treatment to block the proactive growth of abnormal tissues in the eyes.
  • Incorporating the beta-carotene, zinc, copper, vitamin C, and E mitigates the greater risk of vision loss in AMD patients.
  1. Dry Eyes: When our eyes bring forth frequent tears is called the condition of the dry eyes. Here is a range of symptoms associated with the dry eyes problems, embodying:
  • Double Vision Experience
  • Experiencing Complications in the eye-opening
  • Pain issues while putting the contact lenses
  • The too much stickiness of eyelids when you wake up
  • Higher Sensitivity to the light
  • The bulk amount of tearing from the eyes
  • Troubling reading on a digital screen, even for a shorter duration.
  • Using unprescribed contact lenses for the prolonged hours

The significant reason for the dry eyes is an insufficient release of tears from the eyes. In this situation, consulting an eye doctor is the preferred option. Make sure you don’t put the contact lenses in the dry eye problems.

  1. Glaucoma: The damage to the optic nerve of the eyes, which gets worse over time, is called the condition Glaucoma. It can also lead to permanent blindness. The majority of people suffering from Glaucoma don’t experience any symptoms. That is why it’s highly recommended to have regular check-ups to avoid vision loss. However, the medication for this disease is eye drops, lasers, or surgery, depending on the condition.
  2. Refractive Errors: As per the research analysis of the “National Eye Institute,” refractive errors are the primary rationale behind common vision disorders among people. In this disease, you may encounter farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. So, the prevalent medication for this problem is contact lenses, eyeglasses, and surgery. Most importantly, whether you prefer eyeglasses or contact lenses, ensure that you buy them from a reliable and renowned brand like Lenskart. They have an extensive range of eyewear, from best colored eye contacts to sunglasses, shades, and eyeglasses of all shapes. Besides, they stock up on all the latest trending designs that further enhance your personality.
  3. Keratoconus: It refers to a condition when collagen in our eyes holding the cornea gets weakened, and the cone shape is called the Keratoconus. Most surprisingly, it can also lead to profound loss of vision if you sweep it aside in the early stages. If you left it untreated, the last option you will be left with is cornea transplantation.
  4. Night Blindness: Have you ever experienced the troubles of seeing at night? If yes, there are probably high chances that you cannot see anything while driving at night. Isn’t it so? If yes, that sounds like night blindness. This problem is caused due to deficiency of vitamin A. In addition, Keratoconus and cataracts are other significant reasons. However, some people have this problem by birth, and in others, this disease builds up due to a degenerative disease that can’t be controlled at any cost. If you have fallen under this condition, ensure that you take the recommended precautions in the low-light areas. Moreover, you can also consult an eye doctor for better recommendations.

Final Thoughts

These conditions mentioned above are likely to occur if you don’t care for your eyes, like regular eye check-ups after six months. Did you know that Lenskart provides you the eyesight check-up right at your doorstep through the latest machines? Yes, they have certified and professional refractionist. What more could you ask for? You can book the eyesight check-up immediately with them at reasonable prices that are worth the price—looking for the best colored eye contacts? Contact Lenskart.

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