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List of IIT Colleges of India

The first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was set up in 1951 in Kharagpur and currently, the total number of IITs stands at 23. The IITs are independent public institutes of advanced education and are governed by the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961 which has declared them as institutions of national importance. They’re considered as the premier engineering colleges in India, and it’s extremely competitive to get admission into their BTech programme.


The first Indian Institute of Technology was founded in May 1950 at the site of the Hijli Detention Camp in Kharagpur, West Bengal. The name “Indian Institute of Technology” was adopted before the formal inauguration of the institute on 18 August 1951 by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. On 15 September 1956, the Parliament of India passed the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) Act, declaring it as an Institute of National Importance. Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India, in the first convocation address of IIT Kharagpur in 1956 said.

On the recommendations of the Sarkar Committee, four campuses were established at Bombay (1958), Madras (1959), Kanpur (1959), and Delhi (1961). The location of these campuses was chosen to be scattered throughout India to prevent regional imbalance. The Indian Institutes of Technology Act was amended to reflect the addition of new IITs. Student agitations in the state of Assam made Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi promise the creation of a new IIT in Assam. This led to the establishment of a sixth institution at Guwahati under the Assam Accord in 1994. In 2001, the University of Roorkee was converted into IIT Roorkee. Over the past few years, there have been a number of developments toward establishing new IITs. On 1 October 2003, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced plans to create more IITs “by upgrading existing academic institutions that have the necessary promise and potential”. Subsequent developments led to the formation of the S K Joshi Committee, in November 2003, to guide the selection of the five institutions which would be converted into IITs.

List of IIT Colleges of India:

A total of 23 List of IIT colleges of India in the country offer a variety of courses ranging from the B.Tech level to the doctoral programmes. While admission to B.Tech courses is based on the JEE exam, admission to the M.Tech programmes is on the basis of the gate exam.

Institute Establishment year Ranking
IIT Madras 1959 1
IIT Delhi 1963 2
IIT Bombay 1958 3
IIT Kanpur 1959 4
IIT Kharagpur 1951 5
IIT Roorkee 2001 6
IIT Guwahati 1994 7
IIT Hyderabad 2008 8
IIT Dhanbad 1926 11
IIT Indore 2009 13
IIT Varanasi 2008 14
IIT Ropar 2008 19
IIT Patna 2008 21
IIT Gandhinagar 2008 22
IIT Bhubaneswar 2008 28
IIT Mandi 2009 41
IIT Jodhpur 2008 43
IIT Tirupati 2015 Not Ranked
IIT Bhilai 2016 Not Ranked
IIT Goa 2016 Not Ranked
IIT Jammu 2016 Not Ranked
IIT Dharwad 2016 Not Ranked
IIT Palakkad 2015 Not Ranked

Programmes offered by IITs:

The IITs are best known for offering world-class undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programmes. Some of the popular engineering programmes offered by IITs include Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical engineering. However, besides engineering, some of the IITs also offer other programmes in Design and Business Management. Here is a list of all the programmes offered at IITs.

                        UG programmes                           PG programmes
Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) Master of Technology(M.Tech)
Bachelor of Science(BS) Master of Science(MSc)
Dual Degree(B.Tech-M.Tech) Dual Degree(MSc-PhD)
Dual Degree(BS&MS) Master of Design(M.Des)
Bachelor of Architecture(B.Arch) Master of Business Administration(MBA)
Bachelor of Design(B.Des) Master of Philosophy(M.Phil)
  Joint MSc-PhD

JOSAA 2021 total no. of seats in IITs:

Name of the Institute Total no. of Seats
IIT Madras 1133
IIT Delhi 1290
IIT Bombay 1360
IIT Kanpur 1210
IIT Karagpur 1869
IIT Roorkee 1353
IIT Guwahati 922
IIT Hyderabad 470
IIT Dhanbad 1125
IIT Indore 360
IIT Varanasi 1589
IIT Ropar 370
IIT Patna 547
IIT Gandhinagar 250
IIT Bhubaneswar 475
IIT Mandi 329
IIT Jodhpur 490
IIT Tirupati 237
IIT Bhilai 183
IIT Goa 157
IIT Jammu 240
IIT Dharwad 185
IIT Palakkad 169

Entrance Exams For Admission In IITs:

Take a look at other entrance exams you need to appear in for admissions to various UG and PG level programmes offered at IITs. For admissions to B.Tech programmes, interested candidates need to appear for JEE Advanced. However, before appearing for this exam, it is mandatory for students to appear for JEE Main.

Courses Entrance Exams
B.Tech JEE Advanced
B.Tech-M.Tech(Dual Degree) JEE Advanced
B.Arch AAT
BS JEE Advanced
BS-MS JEE Advanced
Joint M.Tech/MP-PhD GATE


Undoubtedly, IITs are the best engineering institutes worldwide as we all know that admission to IIT colleges in India is only possible through JEE advanced scorecard. So it is imperative to make high scores in JEE entrance exams including % above score 10+2 examinations. Before attending the JoSAA counseling, the applicant must go through its desired B-Tech programs and institute ranking to get better knowledge about the institution. After admissions, candidates should go through the college’s official website to know better about the university and other related information.

FAQs regarding IITs in India:

  1. How many IITs are in India?
  2. There are a total of 23 IITs in India of which 16 IITs are established after 2004.
  3. What are seven old IITs?
  4. The seven old IITs are IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati and IIT Delhi.
  5. Is IIT and IIIT the same?
  6. IITs provide every kind of engineering branch while IIIT as the name says provide only Information Tech related fields like ECE, CS, IT, etc. However, IIIT and IIT both come among India’s best colleges.
  7. Which is the best IIT in India?

A: If we take a look at the NIRF Ranking, IIT Madras is the best IIT in India. As per the ranking, it is also the best university across the country.

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