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Maintain your head shavers: A step-to-step guide

Grooming and maintenance play a vital role when it comes to shaved heads. A lot of people misconstrue that with the hairs gone, you don’t really need to spend much time maintaining it. Well, that’s completely untrue. In reality, a bald hairstyle comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. You just can’t shave your head occasionally and expect it to look good and presentable always. Head shaving and upkeep should be done regularly with a shaver for bald head to sport an all-time classic look!

The importance of regular shaving and maintenance is well-observed by brands. Hence, they have successfully launched the range of best head shavers for men. These head shavers are ergonomically designed and facilitate an easy and effortless head shave. In the past days, manual razors were widely used for head shaving purposes; however, they did not guarantee a safe and cut-free shave. These razors have a rigid blade head that cannot glide flexibly across the contours and uneven head surface. Also, head shaving with a manual head razor is time-consuming as one has to repeatedly glide over the same areas until it’s completely shaven. Shaving your head with a regular razor can be quite difficult, especially for newbies who have just gone bald.

Fortunately, you have plenty of best head shavers for men options in the market that you can choose from. These come in handy and can give a seamless head shave in just a few minutes. However, it doesn’t end with buying a shaver for bald head. To ensure that it functions well and caters to your head shaving requirements, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. Anything be it your bald head or the head shaver that you use left unmaintained can increase your troubles in the near future. To assure that you look good or the head shaver works efficiently, it is necessary to take care of it.

Looking good with a bald head and keeping the head shaver clean & maintained are interrelated. Without an optimized functioning head razor, you cannot have a smooth head shave; hence this impacts your appearance greatly. The modern electric head shavers are portable that offer great convenience and reduce the shaving time drastically. To maintain the head shaver and ensure that it functions well, you need to know the disassembling and cleaning process thoroughly. Although these razors are waterproof, they cannot be directly put into water for cleaning.

Before cleaning with water, you need to disassemble the electric parts from it to avoid water passing onto the machines. The whole cleaning and maintenance of a shaver for bald head can be divided into two steps that are as follows:

STEP 1: Disassembling

Since electric head shavers are a complex device, pulling apart the electronic parts is important. Any mistake or negligence in this can disrupt the functioning of the shaver. Therefore, make sure that you switch off the razor before beginning to disassemble it. No current should be running in the shaver as it may lead to electrocution. If your shaver for bald head is battery powered, remove it before cleaning.

Following this, remove the razor head of the shaver’s body as instructed in the user’s manual. Each shaver is designed differently; hence it’s best suggested to follow the guide provided with the shaver. Once done, check for any damage, cracks, or defects before moving on to the next step.

STEP 2: Cleaning

After the shaver’s parts are disassembled properly, hold the shaver at an angle at which the head points towards the sink and tap it lightly to get the stuck hairs out of it. Don’t be too hard while shaking the shaver’s body as it may lead to damage to other sensitive parts of it. Thereafter, use a brush to clean the blades and other spinning parts of the razor to ensure that no hair strands are stuck in between. Note, even if you didn’t receive a cleaning brush with the shave, use a small paintbrush to continue cleaning.

Many electric shavers are designed for wet cleaning i.e. they can be directly cleaned using water without any damage to their working mechanism. However, make sure to check its instruction manual before opting to clean using water. If the shaver allows for wet cleaning, dry and wipe it well before reassembling it again. For shavers that are unwastable, you can use commercial cleaning sprays that lubricate and cleanses the shaver blades well.

Once done with cleaning, reassemble the detached parts of the shaver following the steps mentioned in the user manual or guide.

Final Note

No matter whether you pick the latest head shaver from the range of best head shavers for men, you can’t enjoy a seamless head shave for long if it’s poorly cleaned. Maintenance and upkeep play an important role when it comes to ensuring the high functionality of the head shavers. Make sure to clean your shaver for bald head every once a week to continue having an effortless head shaving experience.

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