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The Different Types of Pillows Used for Sleeping

When you think of a pillow, you might automatically imagine a resting cushion for your head. But did you know there are different types of pillows? Not only are pillows stuffed with a variety of fillings, but they also come in various shapes.

To learn more about the numerous pillow options available, check out the list below:

Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillows are an orthopedic cushion design for individuals who sleep on their backs. They come in several size variations, but are designed with the same triangular shape.

Sleeping at an incline helps to support your back and improve blood flow. It also minimizes the pressure on your lumbar spine.

Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows come in a rolled shape, and they’re great for supporting the legs and neck. You can also place them between your knees to provide healthy spine alignment. Doing so helps to alleviate pain and pressure from your lumbar spine and neck.

Speaking of spine support, click the highlighted link to learn more about the benefits of a chiropractic pillow.

Horseshoe Pillows

One of the other most common types of pillows are horseshoe-shaped pillows. Many people use them when they’re traveling on a plane or taking a long road trip in the car.

They wrap around the neck area in order to support the head and prevent it from rolling to the side. Without its support, your neck would probably hurt from curving over while resting.

Body Pillows

Body pillows are usually a measurement of 20×54 inches. They come in a rectangular shape, as well as a U, J, L, and C shape. They’re all used for different purposes and help to provide support on the front and the back of the body.

Body pillows not only provide support for the knees and spine, but also provide a sense of comfort. Laying next to them can somewhat feel like laying next to a person—which is helpful when separated from a partner or loved one.

Cervical Pillows

These types of pillows are round and are specially designed for shoulder and neck pain. They have a divot around the neck, which helps to hold the neck and head in place while sleeping.

It also prevents your head from leaning over. As a result, you’ll feel less stiffness around your shoulder and neck muscles.

Sleep Apnea Pillows

For individuals who have sleep apnea and must use a CPAP machine, sleep apnea pillows help to support the CPAP machine’s cords and tubes.

These cushions are also hollowed, therefore your head won’t lay flat while you sleep. Sleeping flat blocks the airways and worsens sleep apnea symptoms.

Taking Advantage of Different Types of Pillows

As you can see, there are numerous types of pillows out there. If you are someone who has trouble sleeping or you experience pain in your neck, back, and shoulders, there’s a support pillow out there for you.

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