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Make Your Living Room Stand Out With These Top Tips


The living room is one of the most occupied rooms in your home, so everybody wants it to look good for family and guests. No matter what decoration style you’re going for, there are some tips that can be used to make any living room stand out. We’ve gathered some of them here!

Remember that living rooms need to have a perfect balance of utility and decoration, especially if it’s where your television or other electronics are located. It’s also the gathering place for your household, so it should also have a clock or some other way to keep the time while you’re there. Sites like have options in a dizzying variety of styles that can fit in with any décor.

Keep Color Consistent

For some, it may be tempting to combine many different colors together in an attempt to make the room stand out. This is a risky strategy that can look garish to some, it’s better to decide on two or three colors and keep them consistent throughout the room.

It all starts with the color of your walls, from there everything else in the room will fall into place. If you like the color of your living room walls right now, then you already have a starting point!

For smaller rooms, white or light color shades are best to open the space up. Even lighter neutrals like a pale brown or a gray can achieve this effect and are easily accessorized with modern furniture and electronics products. Using neutral colors then allows you to introduce a vivid color into the mix, which will achieve that standing-out look that you want. A room full of muted colors with sparing use of red or purple will stand out more than a brightly colored room.

If the walls of your room are darker, you can use brightly colored furniture and other additions to make sure the room isn’t too dark. It’s best to keep your living room balanced in terms of how light/dark it is, so you can play vivid colors off of the tone-setting colors and make parts of the room stand out.

Keep Furniture Small

Your furniture size should fit the size of your room. That said, you shouldn’t fill as much of the room as possible with a large couch. Get only what you’re sure to use, so buy a couch that won’t get ignored, not a large corner sofa that only gets used on one side.

By opting for smaller furniture, you leave the room more open. This doesn’t just make navigation easier; it allows for more personal effects and ornaments that will show off the décor of the room and stand out.

Find Some Flowers

Do you know what introduces color into a home while standing out and improving the air quality of the room? Plants! Flowers are the way to go if you want more color but something as simple as a green fern can add some much-needed color to a room, especially if it’s a predominantly white/cream room.

Consider getting some potted plants that work well with the color scheme you’ve selected from our first tip. Like with most decoration advice, the rules can be broken if it looks good. That said, big green plants tend to look best in the corners of the room while red flowers work best with brighter décor and yellow flowers with darker décor.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for making yourself presentable in the mornings, they can also be used to decorate and light a room. Modern mirrors come in many shapes and sizes, along with decorative frames and other ways to personalize the sheet of glass and make it compatible with your room’s décor.

Place mirrors close to a window. When you do this, natural light will bleed into the room and bounce off of the mirror, making it lighter for most of the day. Larger mirrors can also make smaller living rooms seem more spacious than they are.

Cut The Clutter

While it’s obvious that you should keep the living room clean, you should also avoid clutter as much as possible. This is a big ask, being one of the most lived-in rooms of the house but cleaning away clutter leaves everything else to be focused on instead. You don’t want people’s attention divided between your purposeful decorations and the clutter you accidentally left lying around. Remember that less is more, especially when it comes to clutter.

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