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Moving to Start a Business? Here are the 8 Best Cities for Startups

When it comes to starting a business, most discussions center around a few popular cities like Bay Area, Toronto, New York, and Seattle. The problem with these cities is that they are overcrowded and highly costly. 

Luckily, several other cities around the world are very much capable of supporting the startup lifestyle. If you’re ready to move to launch this highly-anticipated business idea that you know could be a success, the startup culture across the world can accommodate you. Giving it a serious thought? You might as well want to decide which International moving companies you would like to opt for with regards to the move. However, the most important item on your list is to pick the right city to move to and build your empire. So, here goes the list of cities around the world best for startups: 

1: Beijing, China 

There was a time when the culture in China didn’t support entrepreneurship but the situation is rapidly changing, and entrepreneurship is gradually becoming a desirable career choice, as seen by the growing number of success stories.

Beijing’s startup culture is dominated by big data, analytics, and AI. The city is more to more than 1k AI companies and Zhongguancun, which is its tech hub is 9k tech companies (including Sina Crop., Lenovo, and Baidu) and ten AI labs.

2: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Malaysia’s cost of living is significantly lower so moving here won’t be a bad idea. 

Many startups that were incorporated in Singapore are actually living in Malaysia. Lots of private as well as public institutions in the country are investing in startups here. Malaysia is attractive to startups since it is a solid test market and it’s big since people with different nationalities (Indians, Chinese, Malay) are living here.

3: Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, USA

90 percent of the commercial market of Dallas Fort Worth is a makeup of sole proprietors, microbusinesses accounts, and small enterprises. 

It is also home to a number of giants like Exxon Mobil, AT&T, and American Airlines. The taxes here are cheap, there is potential for entrepreneurship growth and labor pool composition.

Each spring, Dallas Startup Week brings together tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to network, lecture, and collaborate. There’s also EarthX, one of the world’s largest environmental gatherings, that brings together people from business, public, academic, and other settings, making it a good place to start a business at. 

4: Berlin, Germany 

Berlin is known as Europe’s Silicon Valley, but it comes with a few distinct competitive advantages, and diversity, and openness are two of them. The city offers reasonable office rent and low living costs, making it suitable for those passionate to start their own business. The best part is Berlin is open to talent from all around the world!

The city also provides financial assistance from private investors and government money. Long-term loans with a low fixed interest rate are available. Hubraum, Betahaus, and Project A Ventures are its top incubators.  

5: Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel’s commercial capital is the top entrepreneurial location for innovation since it’s swamped with a pool of talent. Everyone here knows English and there is Wi-Fi coverage everywhere, thanks to a unique blend of advanced startup ecosystems and Mediterranean culture.

Although the expense of living is rather high, the food is excellent. Lemonade, LawGeek, and Missbeez are among the startups that have chosen Tel Aviv as their home location. the city is home to accelerators and incubators including 500 Startups and By the People. 

6: Tunis

Tunis, the capital as well as the largest city of Tunisia may have a young ecosystem but it’s turning into a hotspot for an entrepreneurial mindset. 

The 2018 Startup Act in Tunisia was a major regulatory change aimed at spurring innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and transforming the country into a startup-friendly environment. The Fund of Funds bill streamlined the startup process, consolidated hubs, and established a €200 million.

There’s another initiative in progress called Tunisia’s “Startup” that aimed to create a thousand new businesses by the year 2024. The potential for success is definitely is high therefore, it’s not too early to think about moving to Tunis.

7: Bangalore, India

Bangalore is ranked as one of the best startup cities in the world for a variety of reasons, including its smart and well-educated workforce. Bangalore entrepreneurs are among the oldest operating in Startup Genome’s identified startup locations, with an average age of 37.

India may not appear to be the best area to start a business, yet it is home to one of the world’s largest markets. Entrepreneurs who take risks are frequently well-educated and accomplished in their fields. The city is ranked 23rd in the list of the world’s most favorable ecosystems to build a successful startup. 

8: Cairo, Egypt 

Egypt’s large population of young, educated, and enlightened graduates are currently producing several new businesses. Despite the hurdles, entrepreneurs are finding new ways to succeed: they are taking advantage of the new accelerators and crowdfunding initiatives. Some of them, such as accelerator Flat 6 Labs, are already getting traction. Cairo also has some of the top engineering talents in the Middle East.

If you have a potential business idea in the making, there is no right or wrong time to launch, just move to one of these cities and build your startup.

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