Nissan Finance - Everything That One Needs to Know About

Nissan Finance – Everything That One Needs to Know About

Do you wanna buy your own car? Not have enough money? Do not worry at all. You can have your car by car finance. Yes, it is that simple. Now every people purchase a car on car finance. In India, numerous car financing companies are available in the market. Among all Nissan, Finance is the most popular and trustworthy. Car finance is a very good solution for those people who want to take a car loan from ifinancebox.

This will help the customer to buy the car and pay later. You need to pay the installment later on. Now when you are going for a car loan, getting a loan will depend on multiple things, like your credit history, your monthly income, and your credit score. Some car brands are eligible for 100% financing; they will lend you the total car cost as the finance amount.

How to apply for a car loan from Nissan Finance?

Do you want to apply for a car loan from Nissan finance? Just follow the three steps, and you can avail yourself of the car loan easily; let’s have a look.

  • Choose the vehicle and choose your finance option-This is the first and foremost step of the car financing process. You have to make your mind which Nissan vehicle you would buy. You can choose multiple models, like, GT-R, kicks, Terrano, Sunny, Micra, Micra active. Once the car model is finalized, you can talk to the respective person in Nissan who can help you and guide you to choose the finance which matches your requirements.
  • Select your protection plan– Once you are done with the finance option and choose your car, now select the add-on benefits. Nissan Finance itself offered these benefits. The add-on benefits include payment motor insurance, extended warranty, and payment protection insurance. You can also find more options on its website.
  • Be in touch with the car finance lender– when you are done with the above two steps, now you can contact Nissan finance directly and fill the form and submit the car loan application form. Visit the official website. There you will find the toll-free number. You can call on Monday to Friday between 9 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to1 pm. You can write a mail as well to the Nissan customer support. They will get back to you within one day.

Type of loans offered by Nissan Finance

Nissan Fiance offers you two types of loan, Flexible consumer loan and competitive commercial loan:

  • Flexible consumer loan- This is a personal loan with a term choice of 1-7 years. You are required to repay the loan at the competitive rate of interest. It provides you peace of mind and also provides you protection against interest rate fluctuation in the market. This loan is convenient and very much flexible. This loan system reduces the total interest rate as well.
  • Competitive commercial loan-This type of loan is designed for traders. The mortgage and commercial loan are designed for that business that uses the accounting system. This is a novated lease so that you can include it in your salary.

Eligibility criteria for Nissan finance

Before you apply for the loan, you have to be eligible for the loan. IF you meet the eligibility criteria, then you can easily apply for the loan; let see what those criteria are,

  • Minimum age-To apply for the loan, you have to be above 21. Otherwise, you cannot apply for it.
  • Maximum age-The end of the loan period is 60 years.
  • How stable your occupation is-The company will check this first. Is your job is secure or not.
  • Minimum annual income-Your annual income should be at least 2.5 lac.

All the criteria mentioned above are for salaried people. Those who are self-employed or say have their own business their criteria are slightly different from salaried people.

  • Like Their minimum age of application is 25 yrs
  • Loan tenure is 65 years
  • You should be in the same business for the last three years
  • Annual income is the same for both. i.e 2.5 lac

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents you would require to apply for the car loan?

Documents required for salaried people are mentioned below:

  • Identity proof- For identity proof, you need to submit an Aadhaar card, driving license, voter ID, PAN card, etc.
  • Address proof – For address proof, you need to provide a driving license, Aadhar card, voter id card, passport
  • Your income proof- You have to produce the last two months’ salary slip with the last three months’ bank statement.
  • Also, you have to provide an employment card.

Why should you choose Nissan Finance for a car loan?

You might ask why to choose only Nissan Finance only when there are multiple options are there.

In Nissan Finance, you won’t require any collateral- You do not have to give any collateral to avail of the car loan. Your car is the security itself. IN the future, if you fail to make the payment, the company has all the right to seize your vehicle to recover the fund.

  • Car loans help you buy a car- A car loan will help you buy a car very easily. So your waiting has finished, Go and grab your dream car.
  • Negotiable interest rate- like the home loan, you have the flexibility; in a car loan too, you have the flexibility, you can negotiate with the lender.
  • Choose a fixed or floating rate of interest option- You have the full right to choose the type of interest rate. If you want to choose the floating rate of interest or you want to choose the fixed interest.

Bottom Line

Nissan Finance offers you a perfect and suitable financing solution to the customers who are willing to buy all types of vehicles manufactured by the company itself. You can avail of 100% financing at a very lucrative rate of interest. The company offers a flexible repayment facility from 12 months upto84 months. Plus, it offers you many add-on benefits like motor insurance, extended warranty, payment protection interest.


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