Old School Runescape On Steam

Old Meets Big: Old School Runescape On Steam

Ever since Steam’s release, it has been a central hub for PC gaming. While its domination, which led to it being some sort of monopoly, has been fraught with criticisms, the convenience, connectivity, and sense of achievement it brings cannot be denied. The classic MMORPG, Runescape, has been on the platform for quite some time now, and its older, classic variant, Old School Runescape, will finally be in it too. That’s why there’s no better time to buy OSRS gold than now.

Why Play Runescape

It’s easy to miss Runescape. By miss, we mean both passes by and not notice it, as well as long for it. The former definition fits perfectly those that only got into the MMORPG scene after World of Warcraft. From a mainstream consumerist pc gamer’s perspective, there’s no point playing an older, less sophisticated, and less user-friendly game instead of an MMO that is new, way more polished in almost all aspects, and has Lore based on a long-running, beloved, and brilliant real-time strategy game from one of the most visionary developers at the time.

But despite the natural order of things – the old giving way to the new – taking place, it can’t be denied that the old is worth a first-time visit for the newer generation. Much like World of Warcraft taking the place of Runescape, many games have taken the place of Blizzard’s giant. That, however, doesn’t mean that World of Warcraft is no longer trying out, and so, is Runescape.

In fact, Runescape is a great game to play if you’re more focused on content, lore, and world-building, and can ignore the very dated gameplay. Unlike World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, Runescape is a true sandbox MMO. This means you can do whatever you like, provided that you have the necessary skills and items for them.

Another thing that makes Runescape different from other fantasy MMORPG’s, or even RPGs as a whole, would be the fact that it has a very rich lore and lots of but doesn’t have the main story questline. The in-game universe has a rather deep and long history as well as many things going on in its current age, and the players will get to know more about the former and help shape the latter by taking on quests and exploring the world.

The New Things That Brought the Old

Runescape, however, is no longer the game it used to be. Like all MMOs, it’s gone through so many changes, be it new content or quality-of-life changes. Because like all MMOs, it had to in order to keep players. At the same time, however, there are those that prefer the game to what it used to be. Thankfully, Jagex also wanted to please that particular slice of the fan base by launching Old School Runescape, also known as 2007Scape, as it’s what the fan base believes to be the game’s heyday. While Old School Runescape mostly caters to long-time fans that want to be sold nostalgia to, it’s also a good idea for new players, especially those curious about gaming history, to try the game out.

The New in The Old Things

That, however, doesn’t mean being stuck in the past is all Old School Runescape has to offer, as the game has also received new content exclusive to the version. Examples of this would be the expansive, strange, and colorful continent of Great Kourend, as well as the vampiric city of Morytania. There are also up and coming to Steam updates this year, such as the follow-up to the Great Kourend questline.

For those that don’t think everything mentioned still isn’t enough, they can pay for membership and enjoy more content. They can also buy bonds, an in-game item that is bought from Jagex and can either be redeemed for membership, or traded with other players for lots of OSRS gold. Membership grants access to certain quest lines, zones, OSRS items, and even skills, so it’s very much worth getting.

OSRS’ debut on Steam coincides with its 8-year anniversary. Also, to further encourage newcomers, Old School Runescape players have also planned on gathering in the starting town, Lumbridge, in order to welcome new members. Indeed, we forgot to write one of the best parts of OSRS: the robust, solid, and friendly community.

There’s no better time to get OSRS’ blast from the past than in its actual launched on Steam. If you’re planning to take up this version of the game, then we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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