Email deliver without trouble

Email deliver without trouble: do email spam checking to increase deliverability

Spam drags email deliver rate down but spam testing shows if your letters are viewed as spam and damage email marketing deliverability.

Hidden gears of email marketing deliverability: how spam testing helps you to sell

B2B leads  involvment makes you think over the ways of increasing deliverability rate not once. Experienced users are aware of the existence of numerous ways to make this parameter higher. What does the using of them give you?

-higher email deliver rate thanks to making you aware of issues and your fixing them;

-better selling rate after your having fixed email marketing deliverability issues.

One of those ways is to use a spam checker. To do that spam testers are usually used. The essense of a spam tester often eludes the majority of users. As for the purpose of such an app, it consists in analyzing if recipients get your messages or something make them be viewed as a spam piece.

Test email marketing deliverability with a reliable email spam checker

The main purpose of an email tester is to keep you informed of whether prospects get your letters alright or not. reliable. When you find out that something’s not OK with your emails, you become aware of it and can do your best to fix the existing email marketing deliverability issues. Probably, a little inconvenience in using a spam checker can be its being intended for more or less experienced users. You have to know what they usually do in order to increase deliverability before you use a spam test app. It’s because the app doesn’t fix existing issues, it only notifies you that there are some.

What exactly does an email spam checking app do to increase email marketing deliverability

A spam checker is meant to make the task of improving email deliverability maximum convenient. Why is using a spam checker highly advised? Considering how much time’s needed to contact everyone on your list, only automated spam checking can be your life-saver.  What makes such software extremely convenient is such an app’s having pre-determined email deliverability issue detect patterns and filters. They allow you to configure the work of a program maximum quickly with those settings which meet exactly your needs. Therefore, thanks to using automated spam checking you can minimize time losses because of the quickest feedback from a spam checker allowing you to perfectly edit letters to buyers in no time.

Email deliverability rate is going to be a riddle no more

If you’ve been into b2b for quite some time, you most probably have not one inbox but several of them, which are also located on different domains. This makes it clear to anyone what’s needed for convenient work here: a spam checker able to analyze every single inbox and domain you own at once.

Luckily, Forderly has something to make your eyes gleam with happiness. Forderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins; the software produced by Folderly is b2b orientated power like you’ve never wielded; the progress of each of your inboxes will be monitored by you, also there’s an option to pause working on mailbox improving  and switch between the latter and editing mailbox contact lists plus much more else.

Be guided through deliverability improvement process by smart spam checking

Usually spam checker using is advised for experienced b2b persons who already know basic deliverability improvement methods. However, times have changed and spam checkers have evolved. Using the Folderly spam check software you enjoy an application which not only provides you with reliable information; it also gives you recommendations on how to improve deliverability. As a result, you can simply relax and let yourself be guided through the intricacies of deliverability improvement process by this reliable app interacting with you in most simply and understandably. After using the Folderly software any user will feel his understanding of b2b and deliverability immensely to have been immensely increased.

The mechanism of Folderly’s top email marketing deliverability tool under analysis

The spam checker from Folderly has a lot of features which make it a valuable helper for b2b salesmen. Giving a user a set of recommendations on how to improve email deliverability is just one of them. As it was mentioned above, this spam checker allows users to operate with numerous inboxes and analyze them all at once. Among the other possibilities the Folderly software provides there are such options as IP assessment, open rate tracking, CTR tracking. What does it all mean? It means that Folderly’s spam checking software gives you an ability to find out whether your IP’s reputation has been decreased by some malicious activities, monitor how frequently your letters are opened by clients and how they react to attached links.

No decent email marketing deliverability for an unhealthy domain

It’s obvious that a user can’t keep every single thing under his control. Often it happens so that ISPs and ESPs blacklist your domain name because they suspect you of being a spammer. Folderly’s spam checker can’t get you off someone’s blacklist automatically but still it can show you how and why such a thing happened. In this case you’ll get a detailed report clearly showing you what to do to be in your recipients’ good graces. Probably one of the domains has issues preventing it from meeting the latest requirements like having BIMI installed, good reputation with spam checkers and so on. Every single thing standing in your way as a b2b seller will be shown to you with recommendations on how to eliminate it.

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