People Who Rose to Fame Because of the Internet

The internet is a marvelous place. It has helped many earn their livelihood, establish brands, has helped people overcome hard times, develop meaningful relationships and bonds, and most importantly it has risen people to fame, to what they are today. A simple internet bundle subscription with a stable and fast speed can help you grow personally, mentally, physically, and professionally – basically internet can help you establish a lot and this is the time of the internet! You need to be invested in the virtual world more than ever now!

We have compiled a list of influential people who gained fame through the internet, because of it or on it. These people will serve as an inspiration to all of us, because if they can do it so can we! Do note that since the list of people rising to fame through the internet is endless, we chose the ones who got overnight fame and you will be knowing exactly why! Before we move forward with the article, it is important to mention that to follow these people on social media, you will need an active internet service that allows you to view their News Feed without any interruption. If you are looking for a reliable internet connection, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet as it comes with incredible speeds and unlimited data to keep you connected to the web at all times.

With that said, let us discuss the people who rose to fame because of the internet:

1.   Nicky Libert

Got Famous Through Twitter

Nicky Libert was a construction worker and might we add, a rather good-looking construction worker. A woman with a sufficient amount of Twitter followers posted his photo on Twitter and told her followers that she met him (Libert) at the construction site and everyone started praising him for his model-like looks. The tweet eventually took off and this landed Nicky a modeling contract with an elite modeling agency and his tables turned upside down overnight!

2.   Baddie Winkle

Got Famous Through Instagram

Baddie is the perfect example of how age is just a number and that you can get fame anytime. She is also a remarkable example of how being yourself gets you everything; happiness and fame! Baddie’s granddaughter posted a photo of her super rainbow-loving, colorful and wild grandmother’s photo on her IG and everyone could vibe with such a positivity spreading personality that her grandmother had. Eventually, Baddie made her own account to share snippets of her life; of herself dancing and dressing up, and living her life and now she has three million followers!

3.   Nusret Gokce

Got Famous Through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

This man is known to most and has been and still is a wild internet sensation. A rather common kitchen chef who had an ordinary background rose to fame when his photo of drizzling salt on meat became famous. His unique and peculiar way of doing the deed took the internet by storm which not only led to him having nine million followers but also let him open the iconic eatery in many countries. He is now living his best life all thanks to a viral video on the internet!

4.   Arshad Khan

Got Famous Through Facebook

Known internationally as the “tea boy”, a photo of Arshad Khan, from Pakistan, was snapped a few years ago of him making tea at his tea stall. His dashing looks and colored eyes had the internet sweeping love emoticons in the comments. This further led to him getting a modeling contract and starting a media-based career. However, Arshad was fixated on his goals of always making and serving tea, and he collected money through his virtual presence and recently he announced that he would be operating a tea eatery in London to fulfill his dreams. The internet is such a promising place!

5.   Philippe Dumas

Got Famous Through Reddit

A retired individual who always wanted to go into the modeling industry shared a few of the photos that made the people around him praise him for his looks. He too showed the people that age is just a number and on the internet numbers really matter! The number of likes, views, shares! He is now a full-time adult model!

6.   Mike Varshavski

Got Famous Through Instagram

Mike, a doctor started posting small videos from his day-to-day routine of attending to patients and treating them. He would share the experiences of his doctor life and not only did his medical expertise gain him, followers, he genuinely looks like a handsome charming prince from one of the Disney movies. His remarkable looks paired with his great intellect made him very popular on the internet. Dr. Mike now has numerous verified accounts on many social media platforms. He has also been awarded the “sexiest doctor of the year” award. The best part? He donates most of his internet earnings to charity!

7.   Jeremy Meeks

Got Famous Through The Internet Police!

That is right, a couple of policemen uploaded his photo on their private group for he had committed a crime for two years in prison. It was his mug-shot that was posted and it gained a lot of fame. The internet named him the handsome “felon”. He repented his sins and once out, the internet gave him a second chance at life and how he is a full-time model leading a successful career.

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