Planning For a Party Catering

Planning For a Party Catering

A checklist always proves to be a helpful tool in facilitating whatever kind of task. It is also very beneficial particularly in preparing to cater a party. The checklist would assure that the caterer has not left out any major or minor details for the party catering.

A party catering checklist may include the following:

Food Services and Delivery. A simple catering includes just the cooking and provision of foods. The customer may be the one to pick up the food from the caterer’s place but it is more likely that customers would prefer the caterer to deliver the food to the venue. Also in many cases, a caterer is hired for a full line of service which involves not only the food cooking and preparation but also a staff of attendants to make the venue, serve the foods and do the cleaning fastly afterward.

Time and schedules. When you are hired to cater an event, you and your company or staff should reach the venue at the exact time. This will assure that you have enough time to arrange your stuff and provide whatever is needed during the event with regards to catering. You should know when the appetizer, main entree, the dessert would be served. If there is a bar at the venue, you need to make assured that you also are in tune with the bar’s opening time. Also, ask the customer if there are any fun forms to be held during the party so you can adjust your serving time.

Estimated number of guests. This information is necessary for food preparation. Based on the approximate number of guests, you can also decide how much food and drinks you need to make. Also if you will also be in charge of the venue arrangement, the number of chairs and tables you would set up must be enough to accommodate the total expected attendees. Make assured that this number is already known about a week before the party.

Drinks and beverages. If you will also be giving a bar service separate from the served drinks, verify from the customer if it is going to be an open bar, a prepaid keg, or a money bar. The bar may also provide nonalcoholic drinks. Make assured to serve brands of drinks according to the client’s preferences. There should be soda, beer, wine, and many other liquors.

Menu. Ask your customer how the menu would be served if it is per table or on buffet service. Aside from the menu, make sure to provide condiments too or ask your customer if there are special condiments which he or she wants to be served during the party reception. You need to show a sample list of menus to the customers from which they can pick the dishes they want. As a caterer, you would have an edge over other caterers if you know how to make other exotic and foreign dishes instead of the normal foods served at parties. There might be guests who have specific diets like vegetarians and diabetics so you need to give dishes fit for them. You can check بطاطس مثلج as a sample.

Service equipment. Make sure to make the essential tools and equipment for the party catering such as table linens, silverware, glassware, tents, tables, chairs, and others, etc.

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