Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Eye Doctor

The process of selecting an eye care provider is important. The doctor will be safeguarding your vital sense of sight. They can aid you in having a good vision for much time as well. You need to start by knowing that two types of eye doctors are present, i.e. optometrists and ophthalmologists. You can also get the help of an optician.

What to know about an optometrist?

An optometrist will have The Doctor of Optometry or OD degree. They will be able to examine eyes for vision as well as health issues, can correct refractive errors by prescribing eyeglasses as well as contact lenses. Some optometrists can give low vision care along with vision therapy.

You can check to see whether the optometrist can prescribe medications that can help treat specific eye problems as well as diseases.

An optometrist may be able to participate in one’s pre-and post-operative care when an eye surgery has been performed by the ophthalmologist. Optometrists are usually not trained or licensed to undertake eye surgery.

What to know about an ophthalmologist?

When it comes to an ophthalmologist, this one is a medical doctor or MD. They may be a doctor of osteopathic medicine or DO. They specialize in the eye as well as vision care.

Ophthalmologists get trained to carry out eye exams, diagnose as well as treat disease, prescribe medications along perform eye surgery. They can write prescriptions for eyeglasses as well as contact lenses.


You need to know that an optician is not regarded as an eye doctor. However, they are a vital part of eye care. They use prescriptions written by the optometrist and ophthalmologist to fit and also sell eyeglasses along with other eyewear.

Which one to choose?

For those people who have healthy eyes and do not need specialized medical and surgical treatment, the eye doctor you select is a personal preference.

An optometrist and ophthalmologist are able to perform routine eye exams. They are trained to also detect, diagnose plus handle eye diseases that need medical and even non-medical treatment.

For those who have a medical eye issue like glaucoma, cataracts, LASIK, etc., it is necessary to get care from an eye doctor. Cornea Revolution highly trained with skills in monitoring as well as treating your issue. Mostly, a specially trained ophthalmologist will be the one to choose.

Some optometrists provide medical treatment for common eye issues like dry eyes, eye infections, etc. They can help with some chronic eye diseases like glaucoma. However, some eye disorders need treatment by some ophthalmologists. This is mostly if surgery or some other specialty care is required.

If you need help choosing an eye doctor you can click here. It is important to choose a good professional who is experienced in handling your condition. You do not want to waste money on someone who cannot help you out.

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