Top Tips To Name A Boat

If you own a boat, you will probably think it is something precious. A boat’s name can convey much about its owner. This includes their life philosophy, work, love life, etc. A boat plays many roles in one’s life. It can be a home, escape lifestyle, etc. This is why it is important to choose the name carefully for your boat.

The following are some tips to help you do this:

Select something unique

If you have thought of a name, check if it is common. This can be done by searching on some boat name databases present online. If you select a popular name, especially one that is famous in your boating region, you may come across the boat.

This can confuse. This is why it is better to choose something unique that is not very common.

Must be adaptable

The name of the boat must be adaptable. Think about the scenarios in which the boat’s name will be said or heard. Imagine yourself calling the boat’s name over a VHF. You will need to do this many times before you and the boat part ways.

The name should be easy to say and must be simple for other boats to also understand. If the boat makes any front-page headlines, think about how its name will look.

Sailors should consider how the name will sound if they win some regatta for instance.


Including some humor to the name. It should not be a very serious name. A clever pun can also be used but try and avoid the cliches. When someone sees the name, if they laugh, this is good.

Name it after your love

Traditionally it was popular to name the boat after the women that one loves. You can do this now and name it after any loved one that you have. It will give it a traditional feel.

Your job or hobby

Some people may want to name the boat after their profession or hobby. No matter what profession you have, you can find a name that will match this.

If you are in the real estate field, you can consider a name like “Wet Signatures” for instance.


You may be thinking of adding some graphics to the name. Previously wooden ships had a plank that was known as an arch board that was mounted upon the stern. One was limited to choosing a name that could be painted on this.

Nowadays fiberglass boats give one more room for creativity. You can add some exciting graphics to the name if you want.

If you need some help naming your boat you can click here. You do not want to end up with a name that you do not like. This is why it is better to do your research carefully. Consider how the name will look on the boat. Make it short and be certain that it will fit easily.

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