Pokemon: history of creation, classification, universe

Every year on 27th February, the world celebrates International Pokemon Day (Pokemon Day). The Pokemon series, which includes video games and anime, has a considerable following of fans.

You may participate in the Pokemon trading card game, dress up as your favorite characters, and attend fan meetings at Comic-Con.

Pokemon Video games.

Satoshi Tajiri is the creator of the massive Pokemon series. A skilled Japanese game creator, he was included in IGN (Imagine Games NetworkTOP-100 )’s list of the most influential game designers in the entire globe.

The “pocket monsters” game released in 1996 and was the first of its kind. They were second only to Mario during the following period in terms of popularity. The game was so popular that the first episode of anime, named “Pokémon, I Choose You!” was shown on 1st April 1997 to a worldwide audience.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. These animals are intricately intertwined with the global ecosystem and everyday life activities. The people in the Pokemon universe are employed as trainers for the various Pokemons. They capture, train, and engage in combat with Pokemons.

Pokemon training is no longer limited to the imaginary world with the release of Pokemon Go. With the release of Pokemon Go in 2016, catching and training Pokemons became immediately popular. People flocked to the streets with their iPhones searching for the most popular monsters on the internet.

One guy discovered it in hidden corners in his house, another did it outdoors, and the third by venturing into strategic military outposts to capture a rare Pokemon species.

GPS tags were deleted from the game by Niantic in order to prevent gamers from harassing authorities from various government agencies. This craze revived the passions of long-time fans and introduced newcomers to the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon classification.

Today, there are almost 900 different Pokemon species. You can check guide to pokemon types to learn more about it.

Pokemon may be divided into three categories by evolutions, generations, and kinds. Evolution is an irreversible process that cannot be stopped, and it can be thought of as a process from childhood through adolescence and finally into adulthood.

Consider the character Charizard, for example. This is the first generation of wild and flying Pokemon. This is an evolutionary form of Charmander form that can be attributed to the series “Charmander was Abandoned!.”

Alternatively, there’s Evie, the cute tiny animal. Despite the fact that this Pokemon is of the “regular” variety, it possesses a unique skill known as adaptation. This enables him to adapt to his environment and adjust his abilities and physical form as he progresses through the evolutionary process.

Bulbasaur, a Pokemon known for its calm demeanor, is another popular Pokemon. Bulb and dinosaur are both words used to give its name in the English language.

Pokemon has aided in the creation of numerous well-known memes, many of which have gone viral. Slowpoke, the sluggish Pokemon, is a nickname for someone slow and uncoordinated for a long time.

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