Qualities You Need to Look for When Buying CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one of the 100 chemical components that make up the cannabis plant. CBD is an appealing option for people who want cannabis’s analgesic effects, but do not want the ‘high’ typically associated with it. CBD is quickly gaining a reputation for itself in the medical world, and even doctors are now advocating for its usage. However, not everything with CBD printed on its packet is the same quality. You can visit theexeterdaily to learn some basic tips you can follow while making a purchase. This article will tell you what the qualities that you need to look for when buying CBD oil are, so that you can make the best investment in your health.

Solvent Extraction

To extract CBD oil from the cannabis plants, solvents have to be used. Instead of buying an oil that has been extracted with butane, propane, hexane, or pentane, which can all leave behind dangerous chemicals, opt for a safer extraction solvent like supercritical CO₂. By choosing a safe solvent, you ensure that your CBD oil has no residual chemicals or additives contained within it.

Organic Hemp

Hemp is a plant that absorbs everything from the soil that it grows in. If hemp is not grown organically, then it can absorb harmful and potentially toxic chemicals from the soil. When your CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp on government-regulated farms, then you ensure that your oil contains only vitamins and nutrients. Farms that grow organic plants are required to have their soil tested regularly, and the oil itself has to be lab-tested.

Low Prices, Big Dreams

CBD oils that are very cheap are best-avoided. The reason for this is, organic CBD oil is expensive to manufacture, so if the price is low, then it is too good to be true. If you find extraordinarily cheap CBD oil, then it has probably been made with low-quality ingredients. It is likely to have been extracted with harmful solvents. While you do not have to buy the most expensive CBD oil, you do need to buy the one that is realistically priced, and well-reviewed. You can also try other CBD Products if you want to try something different. There is a huge variety when it comes to CBD Products such as CBD flower, edibles, gummies, capsules and the list goes on.

Levels of THC

The main reason that people buy CBD is to get the cannabis plants benefits without the ‘high’. CBD oils usually do contain very small amounts of THC – less than 0.3% usually. Levels of THC this low are not enough to get you high. CBD that has been manufactured poorly, however, can boost the levels of THC to the point where psychotropic effects are produced. With this in mind, avoid low-quality CBD oil, and check labels to see exact THC content before purchase.

Independent Results

When you do decide upon a CBD oil, check the company’s website to verify whether or not they have had their oils tested by an independent laboratory. Companies that can be trusted to produce high-quality CBD oil free from contaminants will always make independent test results public. This information may not be on the website and may instead be on the oil bottle or box. If you cannot find independent test results anywhere, then you need to ask yourself why?

CBD Content

If you were buying alcohol for a night out with friends, you wouldn’t buy 0.0001% alcohol, would you? Similarly, you don’t want to be spending your money on CBD oil with virtually no CBD contained within. Good CBD oil will tell you what the CBD content is on the bottle, box, or on website. Higher levels of CBD mean that the product is more powerful and more effective. Ideally, you want to buy CBD that contains between 200-1000mg per 10ml bottle.


When buying CBD oils, you will want to buy oils made from whole-plant extracts, instead of CBD isolates. While CBD isolates are pure CBD, they are more often than not made from cheap materials, and are lacking in the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids that work simultaneously with CBD to deliver an effective medicine.

Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to CBD oils, if you really care about the environment, then you should buy from companies that support sustainable packaging. It has also been suggested by sustainability advocates that the plastic that your CBD is stored in can actually leech into your CBD, contaminating your otherwise healthy, organic product. Supporting sustainable packaging is a good way to give back to the environment while ensuring that you yourself are not unintentionally consuming harmful chemicals.

Intended Use

A good way to gauge whether or not the CBD oil that you want to buy, or are buying, is up to scratch, is to check out what the manufacturer lists the oils intended purpose as. If the oil is a beauty product, for example, then it might not be the best option if you are taking it for seizures or health problems. Similarly, if you want a beauty product, buying high-strength oral CBD oil is probably not the best choice. Research the oils intended use before you go ahead and buy it, so that you can guarantee that you benefit from it.


In business, reputation is everything. If the CBD manufacturer that you have chosen had a bad reputation, you may need to ask yourself why that is. People do not generally build a bad name for themselves if what they produce is of a good quality. When it comes to CBD oils, reputation is everything. You can gauge a business’s commitment and quality by reading their reviews and testimonials, which should be openly published on their website.

Consult Your Doctor

A slight deviation from our subject matter, but when you are intending on taking any supplemental medication to treat a medical condition, then it is essential you first consult your doctor, and ask for their advice. Taking medication without the approval of your doctor can be dangerous for your health, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions. Ask your doctor first and find out whether or not it is something that they think that you can benefit from.

CBD oil can be tremendously helpful and has helped millions across the world take their lives back. If you think that you can benefit from CBD oil, then the logical next step is to thoroughly research and find the best oil for you. With this article, you should have no difficulty finding a good quality oil.

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