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Useful Tips to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Feel Better During the Pandemic

The pandemic has left many people completely isolated from their families and rendered them housebound. While most people have been able to go outside and exercise, even for an hour a day, extremely old people or senior citizens have found themselves unable to do this, partly because of their age, and partly to protect them from being exposed to the virus. Looking after your senior loved ones during the pandemic is incredibly important. Preservation of one’s mental health is crucial to improving the quality of their life.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about a few useful tips to help your senior loved ones feel better about themselves and their situations during the pandemic. Instead of forgetting about senior members of your family, or allowing your own problems to take precedence, think about how this is affecting them.

Here are some useful tips to help your senior loved ones feel better during the pandemic.

Installing Raised Toilet Seats

Every day that passes, we age a little more.  It has been over a year now since we were last allowed to go into the homes of our loved ones and see them, and for senior citizens, that is a year in which they might have aged considerably. Raised toilet seats are a convenient way for older people to go to the bathroom, according to the specialists when you visit, and that they can be a much safer option for older people going to the bathroom. While they may not seem necessary, they will help to make their lives easier, and with every day that they get older, they will need it more and more.

Regular FaceTime or Video Calls

For many people, senior and otherwise, an absence of their families and loved ones in their lives is enough to send them into a spiral of depression and anxiety. Loneliness and isolation can be incredibly damaging to the human psyche, and instead of allowing your loved ones’ loneliness to spiral, keep in touch and speak to them regularly. All it takes is a phone call every few days, or alternatively, a video call.

Garden Tea Parties

In many countries, you are now allowed to go and see your senior loved ones, provided that you sit in the garden at a safe distance from one another. Summer is fast approaching, which gives you a perfect opportunity to go and sit in your loved ones’ garden, at a distance, but still communicate and share laughter and happiness with them. Garden tea parties are a great way for you to still see your loved ones, and we definitely think that it is a good idea, assuming you adopt social distancing and wear personal protective equipment.

A Fluffy Friend

If you can’t see your loved ones, why not invest in a fluffy friend for them? Pets can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to older people. They can give them a purpose for existence and something to hold onto and be friends with. Pets are a great company. I myself am a bit of a cat hoarder, I have six, and from experience, they keep me company and happy! A fluffy friend might be something to give some thought to for your loved one during the pandemic, even if it is just a hamster or rabbit.

Groceries and Shopping

Instead of having your loved one go out and do their own groceries and shopping, why not order it yourself, or go and do it yourself? Not only do you save them money and time, but you also allow them to see you once or twice a week from a distance, thus keeping the human connection and bonds strong. This is a great thing, and very admirable, for you to do for your senior loved ones. It is something that we are confident that they will appreciate tremendously.

Walks Outdoors

Now, we are allowed to meet up in groups of six. Why don’t you take your loved one for a socially distanced walk? If they are in a wheelchair or have mobility issues, this may not be possible. Going for a walk outdoors is a great way to spend time with your loved one, and we definitely recommend that you give it some thought. You could go to a beauty spot, an ancient ruin, or just somewhere interesting that will appeal to your loved ones and give them the gift of human company.

The useful tips listed here should prove incredibly beneficial in your senior loved one’s life. We hope that they benefit you, and if they do, let us know how you get on in the comments section. Thank you.

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