Quran For Kids

Quran For Kids

Those days are gone when people used to worry about their and their children’s religious education. Today, all those worries have come to an end because now there is an easy-to-access website named quranforkids.com

The services this website provides welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. No matter from which country or state the student belongs, you can comfortably be a part of this “online Quran for kids platform.” In this article, we will address the procedure for learning through this website, the services provided by it, and their skilled tutors.

Why is it essential for us?

Being a Muslim, learning Quran is an obligatory part of our ritual. It is mandatory to learn it with proper Qirat and meanings. It is a book through which Allah directly addresses humans. There are immense advantages for grabbing its true meaning, but the primary benefit is to seek guidance in every affair of life.

The Holy Quran guides people towards the right path. It deals with different aspects such as business, marriage, divorce, inheritance, diet, and many others. The Quran is the source of success in this world and on the Day of Judgment. On the Day of Judgment, this book Quran will intercede for us.

The ranks in Jannah shall be promoted and decided based on the amount of Quran memorized. It indeed is the treasure of knowledge that is revealed to humanity till the end of times. The entire Muslim world is on the verge of collapse and destruction because of the fact that they have turned a deaf ear to the teaching of the glorious Quran.

Therefore, all people, especially kids, need to learn it. It is necessary to pass the religious information to the next generation. We know that it is revealed in the Arabic language; consequently, it is crucial to learn it from a skilled tutor who has a complete understanding of its meanings.

There is an excellent reward for learning it. Life becomes hundred times easier by its thorough understanding. The Quran changes the perspective of life. It teaches the best possible way to live in this universe.

“And indeed We have made the Qur’an easy for the direction and direction, but is there anyone who will take advice?” (Surah Al-Qamar 54, verse 17)

The requirement to register:

The enrollment process for this website is extremely easy. All that is required is a computer and internet access. Get registered in this illuminating program today and enjoy a free one-week trial.

How to Sign Up

You can quickly sign up by following these simple steps given below:

  • First, click on the website quranforkids.com. Click on the top right corner of the page, i.e., three dashed lines.
  • Select the “signup” key
  • Give your correct and authentic information.
  • Submit your information and start learning


The website provides courses filled with immense knowledge both for kids and as well as adults. The courses provided by this website are equally beneficial for students of all different levels. You can easily acquire a course of your own choice.

For starters, there is an “ideal beginner’s course.” In this, you will be introduced to Basic Tajweed Course. As you progress, you can upgrade your level and avail “Advance Tajweed Course.”

The courses are

  • Basic Course
  • Basic Islamic Education
  • Tajweed and Tarteel
  • Arabic Course

Basic course

The first step towards learning the Quran is recognizing Arabic letters and memorizing them. The introductory course includes learning Arabic alphabets, identifying Arabic letters, correct pronunciation, and whiteboard sessions. After the completion of this course, the student will be able to understand and read Arabic fluently.

Learning Arabic alphabets

Learning the Arabic alphabet is an essential step before you can understand and learn the Arabic language. The students will be amazed by how quickly they are able to pick up Arabic alphabets and understand them.

Recognizing Arabic letters

A lot of people are unable to recognize Arabic letters even after taking many classes. But in this course, the tutors will teach their students how to recognize and read Arabic letters after assembling them, thus making them a lot easier to grasp.

Correct pronunciation

The correct pronunciation is one of the most crucial steps towards learning the Quran because if a student doesn’t correctly pronounce an Arabic word, the meaning significantly changes. Learning correct pronunciation makes students read without any deficiency or exaggerating the words of the online Quran classes and prevent them from hidden mistakes.

Whiteboard session

In whiteboard sessions, tutors will elaborate every tiny thing on whiteboards which makes it more likely for the students to be engaged in the learning environment.

Basic Islamic education:

Learning many short Surahs and Duaas is a difficult task for students. In this course, we will help students to memorize them on a daily routine. After remembering Duaas, the students will become habitual of reciting them before doing any work. Students will also learn Islamic principles and the correct way to pray Salah — the most fundamental part of being a Muslim.

Memorization of Short Surahs

Muslims should learn some short Surahs not only for their prayers but for their daily routines as well. The last twenty Surahs of the Quran are much more concise than the rest of the Surahs, and thus students are more likely to memorize them quickly at an early age.

Learning How to Pray Salah

As we all know that Salah is one of the five pillars of Islam. Being Muslim, we all should pray Salah five times a day. It is crucial to teach kids the importance of Salah and that too with proper understanding and steps.

Therefore, learning how to pray Salah is also vital for the students to pray and get rewards from Allah correctly. The students will be able to pray Salah without any mistake after learning these courses.

Memorization of daily Duas

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) has taught us morning and evening Azkaars and Duaas for different situations. Being Muslims, we should recite Duas before every action or activity to be beneficial for our work. In these courses, the students will memorize shorts Duaas for their daily routines and the learning of the Quran.

Learning Islamic Principles

Their professional and experienced tutors teach basic Islamic principles to students to spend their lives according to the principles of Islam and Islamic beliefs.

Tajweed and Tarteel

In this course, the students will learn the Quran with Tajweed and correct recitation. The students will translate the Quran and memorize it too. Learning the Quran with Tajweed is not an easy task, but their experienced tutors make it very easy for students to do so.

Quran with tajweed

Both kids and adults will learn Quran with Tajweed after being taught by expert and professional tutors. The word Tajweed means “to better” or “to improve.” There are seventy rules of Tajweed, and students can efficiently study all of them from the comfort of their homes by these courses.

Perfect Quran recitation

Tilawat of recitation is the act for a Muslim in which the body, soul, tongue, and mind are involved. The perfect recitation of the Quran gives you inner peace. The teachers will teach the best way to recite the Quran, not to make any mistakes (unknowingly) during recitation.

Quran memorization

Memorizing the Quran gives inner peace and relaxation to everyone who memorizes it. Allah also promises to offer high rewards to those who learn the verses of the Quran. The highly professional teachers help the students to memorize the verses of the Quran quickly and correctly.

Quran translation

The translation of the Quran will enable the people to understand the exact meaning and the events explained in the Quran’s verses. Arabic is so intricate and hard to grasp the language, so it’s not possible for all of us to thoroughly understand the literal meanings of the Quran. Thus, the Quran translation course is beneficial for the students who want to learn more.

Arabic course

This course is perfect for beginners who want to learn Arabic in order to get a better understanding of Islam and the Quran. Whether you have no knowledge of the Arabic language or have some basic knowledge, this course best suits you. Objectives of this course are described as under:

Learning Arabic alphabets

To learn a new language, it’s important to get a hold of its alphabet first. Arabic is one of the oldest languages; currently, more and more people enroll to get access to Arabic classes. The teachers and tutors help the students grasp the Arabic language’s basic concepts more easily and quickly.

Learning Quranic & Arabic grammar rules

This course will make you familiar with the primary Arabic language and grammar in no time. This course encompasses the fundamentals of Arabic and Quran grammar which will help you understand the Holy Quran even more.

Learning Quran & Arabic vocabulary

In order to get a grip on a language, vocabulary plays a significant role. This course pays particular attention to learning vocabulary for students to make them understand Quranic Arabic even better.

Formulate sentences in Arabic

Starting from the beginning, once students get familiar with the fundamentals of the Arabic language of the Quran, they are then promoted to advance levels where they are able to formulate sentences. The tutors are so professional and expert that they know how to impart clear and concise knowledge to the students.

Important aspects

  • Twenty-four hours availability- 24/7 availability is probably the best feature of this site. If students face any difficulty regarding their course, they can contact their experienced and skilled tutor. The tutors are available round the clock to ensure that students get their queries answered promptly.
  • Male or Female tutor- Students can choose their tutor, either male or female. Sometimes female students do not feel comfortable learning from a male tutor so that they can select their tutor according to their comfort zone. Both male and female tutors are available for the convenience of students.
  • Worldwide support- The students can register themselves from any country or state. There is no restriction of place and time. Thus, long-distance is no more an issue for learning and seeking knowledge of the Quran.
  • Preferred timings- There is no need to adjust your daily routine for taking classes. You can select time according to your comfort and take courses at that time. They provide this time relaxation to provide possible comfort to the students. The students can take classes, sitting in their home with the schedule of their choice.
  • Experienced tutors- The academy has skilled and best tutors with vast experience teaching Quran and Arabic. Solving the queries of students is the priority of tutors as they are well-aware of Quranic knowledge. The tutors are well aware of the skills and tricks to make learning easy for students.
  • Less duration- Your kids can now learn the Quran in three months only. Professional tutors’ regular classes compel them to read and understand the Quran concisely in the very best and accurate way.
  • Quality control department- The quality control department keeps an eagle eye on everything. They control and manage the quality of classes and courses so that the students and their parents are satisfied with the learning system.
  • Laptop and smartphone support.

The best part of this course is that you can easily access the site either from your mobile phone or laptop.

  • Electricity and internet backup

They also have a backup to electricity and internet facilities. This is to help you and your kid 24/7.

Benefits for Kids:

The people having kids must know about the site www.quranforkids.com. From an early age, parents should teach their kids the basics of Islam. Childhood is the time when one is developing one personality.

It’s easy for kids to memorize and learn things quickly at an early age, which will be ever-lasting. This website is one of the best sites for teaching kids and adults and using appropriate and skilled ways.

The long-distance is no more a barrier for learning, as the students are conducted via Skype. This site provides its best services to ensure the authentic understanding of the kid.

Apart from the Arabic language, Islamic education is given to the students that improve their Islamic knowledge.

Free Trial: One of the advantages of this site is its free trial. The people who want to enroll but are not sure about the services mentioned in the description can use a free trial. After the trial period, if they are satisfied, they have to pay the fee to teach their kids.

This website provides high-quality services via online classes and is available all the time. The tutors who teach the students are experienced and skilled in their respective courses. The registration process is straightforward, and anyone can access the site easily.

Learning the Quran in the U.S.A. and U.K.

Today, the U.S.A. and U.K. are among the most evolved countries. They have made progress in the field of science and technology. They use these technologies in the field of education too. Now, many universities offer online courses also.

Therefore, learn the Quran online is not a new thing though methods may differ. There are many apps available for this purpose, but Quran for Kids is becoming popular with each passing day. In the U.S.A. and U.K., people learn the Quran through skype. They use this technology for acquiring knowledge specifically for their kids.

Skilled Tutors

There are many skilled and experienced teachers available on the site. They know how to create a learning environment for kids to teach Quran and Arabic. These tutors are trained to use innovative technology. Therefore, they provide their services most professionally and appropriately. Listening to the student’s queries and solving them is one of their best qualities.

Friendly Environment

This website provides you with the best-qualified teachers who have absolute knowledge regarding Quran. They know how to engage their students in productive activities. The environment of the class stimulates the students to participate in activities without any hesitation.

Moreover, they have both male and female staff; you can choose them according to your ease. Most females are not allowed by their parents to learn from a male tutor; they can easily avail themselves of this site.

Learning through this platform does not require changing your lifestyle. You can quickly learn the Quran at any time that is suitable for you. A bonus point is their 24 hours availability. A person can easily manage it with their other activities.

Good Internet Service

All the tutors are provided with the best internet connections not to face any interruption during class. Moreover, they all are trained to use the advanced technical features that help to provide better services.

Backup Facility

Moreover, this program has a backup facility. In case if any student drops during a class, they can resume from where they left. A student will not miss any lecture using this feature.

Affordable Fee

The academy offers a vast amount of knowledge at a reasonable cost. Initially, there is a free trial of one week that you can avail of. You can comprehend all the features of this website. After satisfaction, you have to pay a meager amount for further knowledge and experience.

You can avail yourself of multi-courses such as Tajweed, memorization, and understanding of Quranic meanings.

Moreover, it is considered to be a voluntary charity to teach the Quran to others. By learning the Quran from this site, you can spread the knowledge to others. Your this act will bring you closer to Allah.

There is no need for a considerable investment. Stable internet availability and a computer are all you need to learn the course. With a minimal investment, you can avail yourself of tons of facilities sitting in your homes.


This platform proved to be one of the best platforms for gaining Islamic knowledge and learning different things. They provide knowledge about Islamic principles, Arabic alphabets, Quran recitation, Quran with tajweed, daily deals, how to pray Salah, and many more things.

The environment they provide is friendly so that kids feel comfortable communicating with teachers and consulting their problems. This platform is not only for kids but for adults as well. Here, people get knowledge according to their needs and level.

The free trial policy is probably the best offer for beginners to satisfy themselves during the trial period, which turns to be economically favorable. The choice of male or female tutors is also given to the students. They can choose their tutor, either male or female.

In short, you can now learn the Quran sitting in your homes and with numerous features available. There are hundreds of facilities provided by the institution. Getting all these facilities in one package by any platform is near impossible.

Quranforkids don’t charge separately for every facility they provide. They offer you different packages and trust you once and for all! Besides, their fee structure is pretty affordable.

You don’t have to adjust your daily routine or make adjustments to your life. Alternatively, you need to set a time of the day for studying—no requirement to go anywhere or interrupt your life. You can start learning the Quran directly from home.

You can also select a teacher for whom you want to learn. Female tutors are also available for those who prefer learning by a female tutor. Thus, they have a surplus of female teachers available. Just enroll, select your ideal time, and begin studying the Quran instantly!

They also have a contact us section that offers you to contact them in need. All they ask is your name, email address, mobile number, country, and your query. After providing the required information, you type in your question and submit it. Though they’re available 24/7, and you won’t need to visit them, you can still visit their office in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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