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Recommend salicylic acid skincare products for acne skin


Skincare is a lifestyle. We need to take care of our skin every day to achieve flawless skin when we are old. Different people have different skin types and acne-prone is one of the hardest to take care of. Here are some recommended skincare products that you may want to consider to add in your skincare routine.

The Ordinary

You can get this get this products worldwide or get from the ordinary Singapore store. Products such as the ordinary salicylic acid masque contains 2% salicylic acid helps to remove acne scars. Do keep in mind though, when you start to use acids, you might experience purging (acne breakout can occur when using a new active skincare product. Also do not freak out if your skin is starting to clean up. If you are not used to acids, you might experience a stinging sensation but it is completely harmless!

The Inkey List

Similar products that contain salicylic acid you can use is the inkey list salicylic acid cleanser. You can get this cleanser from the inkey list Singapore. This cleanser is recommended if you struggle with mild breakouts or congestions even if you are on the drier side. Salicylic acid works by unplugging clogged pores, allowing the skin to moisturize itself again.


Another cleanser you can use is the cerave sa cleanser and you can get from cerave Singapore. This is a solid cleanser that will help to exfloliate your skin without over-cleansing and stripping of its moisture. It also a good option for anyone with minor acne as salicylic acid face wash can be found to be too harsh and drying.


Here are some of the best recommended salicylic acid products out there. Ksfbeauty hope that you enjoy the article.

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