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10 Expert Tips to Increase your Home’s Value | Granite Countertops

Do you want to make your living worth it? That seems a bit unclear. Honestly, everybody wants to increase the value of their homes. Whether you renovate or sell the house, some changes can do wonders. In this case, your bathroom, kitchen, living area, and garage are the critical spots. So, start by adding granite countertops to your kitchen for a unique outlook.

In addition, planting a tree or making a little garden area is a valuable addition to the future. Your current location is your future asset, so try some expert tips to add value to your home. If you have a renovation budget, that’s great! Here is the list of ten expert tips that can increase the value of your property. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Steel entry door
  2. Bathroom remodel
  3. Improve your garage
  4. Extending kitchen side-return
  5. Add granite countertops
  6. Make the living area open
  7. Paint, paint, and paint
  8. Do some planting
  9. Get new area rugs or carpets
  10. Keep up with the regular cleaning

Steel entry door:

The first thing people notice about your home is the entrance. It includes your main door, entryway, and patio (if any). Updating or maintaining your main gate can have a profound effect on your home image. So, you can choose a steel entry door or paint it to look like steel. In this way, you can surprise any outsider in a good way.  

Bathroom remodel:

A worn-out or outdated bathroom is a mood spoiler in most cases. That is why if you wish to enhance the value of your home, update your bath area. First of all, repair all that is not well. Then add storage or tiles backsplash around the shower area. In addition, you can build a small bathroom under the staircase as well. Or create a small sink area in your garden.  

Improve your garage:

Coming to the garage; is one of the critical areas of your home. Firstly, having a garage adds to your property value. Let’s say you have a parking area: improve it by adding storage boxes, shelves, or cabinets. Moreover, you can use your old cupboards in that area instead of wasting them. A well-maintained garage can help you raise the bar.

Extending kitchen side-return:

Extending the kitchen to the side-return is always a good idea. Many people, who own a backyard or have a narrow alley, go for these kitchens. In this way, you can create a nice getaway from your cooking area. And if the side-return opens into your garden area, it brings natural light and fresh air inside. It is the reason why experts promote extended kitchens for home value.

Add granite countertops:

A countertop is the focal point of any cooking space. Having natural stones can boost the value of your house. So, go for granite countertops when updating your kitchen. Each granite slab is unique and pretty in its way. That is why pick any white, black, or brown granite slab price list to change the look of your cooking area. Also, add a sealant for better results in the long run. 

Make the living area open:

A compact living area is of old times. Nowadays, an open living area with an open kitchen and dining is in the trend. It is rare to find small chat rooms in homes these days. For that, you have to knock down the walls that join your kitchen and living room. But, if that does not work for you, extend your living room to the garden area. It will add potential value at no cost. 

Paint, paint, and paint:

Repainting your rooms can be a life hack. For instance, you have a tight budget. Or, you want the simplest way to beautify your home: paint your entire house. Choose bright colors for your living area and paint the kitchen cabinets as well. As a result, your home will look new. This one is the most cost-friendly idea out there.

Do some planting:

Nothing is indeed too small to make a difference. Planting is just like that! If you wish to increase the value of your property and lifestyle, do some planting. Planting a tree or making a garden area is a future investment. It is not only good for the price value: but also for your health.

Get new area rugs or carpets:

It does not matter if you are selling or not: old rugs look bad. If your rugs and carpets are old, smelly, or torn: it’s time to get new ones. So, buy unique area rugs for your rooms, living area, and doorways. In this way, you can cover your minor floor damages as well. Plus, it will make your place warm and inviting.

Keep up with the regular cleaning:

Regular cleaning is the key to having a valuable and healthy home. A clean house is the best asset you can have. So, make sure you take care of your place. Also, repair the faulty areas when the need arises. It will add more to its value.


Renovation is not the only step to take. There are many ways to increase the value of your home. So, consider these ten expert tips to enhance the cost and worth of your current home. Start by updating your entry door, garage, and bathrooms. Also, install granite countertops in the kitchen and bath area to add luxury to it. Lastly, paint your rooms, walls, and ceilings for a fresh look. For quality slabs, go to silver marble granite. And always maintain the upkeep of your place.    


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