Smart Ways to Cut Back Costs on Freight Shipping

Are you looking to reduce freight costs? When shipping goods to various destinations is an essential aspect of your business, you will continue to pay rising fees through the entire process of your transport logistics. Besides constant machinery and fuel price hikes, suppliers are forced to cope with numerous economic pressures from all directions. However, according to an article published in CNBC, there are many ways to discover hidden savings when it comes to shipping.

Cutting back on transportation logistics expenses is the top priority of cross docking company today. Here is how:

  1. Try to ship your freight to a commercial location

Did you know that a freight carrier will charge you more to ship your goods to a residential location instead of a commercial region discover hidden savings when it comes to shipping? The reason is residential areas are challenging to navigate as well as hard to find compared to businesses based out of commercial zones. Delivery other than in a commercial area will always prove expensive as more delivery charges are involved in such a location. If a commercial location is not feasible, freight carriers can move your goods to a port by rail. From there, the vessel can discharge at the destination port. You may even collect your shipment provided the weight of the goods isn’t extremely heavy to move using your vehicle.

  1. Insure your cargo

Studies show that below two percent of every shipment is damaged or lost in transit. That is why you need to take the right step to save on freight rates. You need to avoid damage by ensuring your shipment is professionally boxed.

Always take photos of your commercial shipment prior to pickup as well as post arrival. Do a reality check for indications of damage during transit after your goods arrive. Sign the POD accordingly. In case, the shipment is lost, the photos you clicked will assist the carrier to locate the consignment during terminal checking. It will help in getting your shipment insured. The coverage depends on the weight of your shipment and on what type of goods you’re transporting. The amount could be more or quite less depending on such factors.

Though insurance may seem additional expense and counterintuitive, if your business is shipping items frequently, insurance will benefit you in the future.

  1. Quote quickly

Yes, you must always quote quickly. That’s because several carriers offer quotes depending on availability. It implies that when you get a quote today and estimate again the next day for an identical shipment, the rate will differ – higher or lower.

Try to book shipment at least two or three business days in advance. It is essential to give your carrier a reasonable time to prepare for the shipment pickup. Booking your shipment and quoting fast make more sense during the festive season. That’s because people try to have their shipment delivered before everybody’s time off begins.


Now that you have these tips handy, focus on them to send your shipment without paying additional fees. Booking your shipment at the right time and insuring are very important to cut back on freight shipping costs.

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