Some of the Best Talking Parrots That You Can Get to Your Home

Best Talking parrots for sale near me

The Parrots are amazing little creatures that have a lot of the personality and affection. Few species are born with an excellent ability to learn and imitate words and non-verbal noises. They may do this in an attempt to get the attention of their owners or fellow parrots or to be funny.

The ability to talk to a parrot depends on species, and not all individuals of a particular species have the power. However, with proper training and good health, all these birds can learn to speak.

The vocabulary numbers for the individual species of the parrots mentioned in this article are the maximum apparent number known to the author. Note that the parrot may learn more words throughout its life.

Parrots need loving and loyal owners

Parrots are beautiful, vocal, and expressive birds and great artists. But unfortunately, they are among the most abandoned pets by the owners. Most people think of buying talking parrots for sale near me because of the bird’s exotic qualities and ability to talk. Still, they fail to calculate the amount of time, affection, and money they would need to spend caring for their talking friend. To keep a parrot, you must be obsessed with it and be willing to keep it even if it fails to talk or be the perfect pet.

Some Of the Best Talking Parrots

1.      Quaker Parakeet

  • Species: Myopsitta monachus
  • Other names: Monk parakeet
  • Vocabulary: 40-100 words
  • Lifespan: 20-30 years

Monk parrots are small to medium-sized birds that are intelligent, funny, aggressive, and are friendly or badass to people depending on the interaction and mood. They are good talkers who will scream endlessly when they are in the air. They love to be held in their hands and caressed. They also make a great shoulder bird.


Despite the small size, they are very entertaining pets. It’s like enjoying a parrot in a parrot’s body.


  • They can be noisy and destructive, although not like the larger macaws and macaws.
  • They can become aggressive. Feather plucking is one problem when a bird becomes aggressive.
  • Prone to obesity and pancreatic problems.

2.      Ring-Necked Parakeet

  • Species: Psittacula krameri
  • Other names: Indian ring-necked
  • Vocabulary: 100-130 words
  • Lifespan: 30 years

Ringed parrots (RNP) are one of the best talking parrots. They are hardy and intelligent but generally quiet and tame compared to most other talking parrots. The RNP is active, although not to the same extent as the cockatoo or the Amazon. Ringneck parrots are very common and, therefore, less expensive. For their vocabulary, the RNP is one of the best parrot species.


Accessible, available and hardy.


The birds can be noisy and require a regular interaction with their owners.

3.      Eclectus

  • Species: Eclectus roratus
  • Vocabulary: 100-120 words
  • Lifespan: 30 years

Eclectus are medium-sized birds that speak pretty well. They are quite different from other parrots to show more pronounced sexual dimorphism, and males are more docile than females. In breeding cases, females traumatize males.


Birds are usually less active and playful.


Because it is noisy and it is not suitable for the nearby neighborhood.

4.      Budgerigars

  • Other names: Budgies, mistakenly called Parakeets
  • Lifespan: 10 years
  • Vocabulary: 120-500 words

The Budgerigars parrot is a proud species that holds the Guinness World Record for the most extensive bird vocabulary ever. A parrot named Puck could speak 1,728 words before he died in 1994. A small parrot named Oscar can speak 148 words and is recording the most language for a living bird.

Parrots are lively, interactive, and fun little birds that can speak and develop an excellent vocabulary. Although these little birds can learn many words and song phrases, the drawback is that their speech sound is shallow and difficult to understand. Nevertheless, a well-groomed parrot can live up to 18 years.


  • Suitable for places with spatial restrictions.
  • Perfect for the beginner bird breeder


  • If raised on a seed diet, they only live for three to four years.
  • They are prone to tumors.

5.      Macaws

  • Species: Ara ararauna
  • Lifespan: Up to 50 years
  • Vocabulary: 30-50 words

Parrots can be called lively and spectacular birds, they are intelligent, friendly, energetic, very noisy, playful, sometimes destructive, and most importantly, they are not for everyone. Military Macaws have moderate speaking ability and a clear, loud voice.Parrots are difficult to discipline, but once trained, they become lovable and make ideal family pets.


The consistent and firm control can make them excellent pets.


  • Not suitable for living in an apartment.
  • It requires feeding it manually for four to five months.
  • In addition, they need training and structured play to focus their energy.

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