Spring is here: Are you ready for your cat’s shedding?

It’s spring, springtime again… there is a fresh warmth in the air that makes us Aussies suddenly forget about the nasty winter we just experienced. It also makes our cats forget that we really don’t need them shedding their fur all over our household goods!

But your cat’s seasonal shedding doesn’t have to be the biggest issue, especially when there is so much beauty and warmth just around the corner! With this in mind, we thought we would share with you a few ways to handle this seasonal shedding.

After all, you already went to the trouble of finding the best pet insurance compare site, as well as providing them with lots of love, affection, food and shelter, so why not keep on top of their shedding, too?

It is just part of their cycle

Cats have an intricate circadian rhythm, which includes their bodies telling them when the days are getting shorter and, in turn, when they’re getting longer. When the days grow shorter, your feline friend knows that winter is on the way, and will grow a thicker coat to prep for it.

Conversely, your cat knows when the days are getting longer and the weather warmer, and so will start shedding to prep for those warmer days…

Are they shedding a normal amount?

When spring rolls around, you may see a small amount of hair floating about or your household goods absolutely covered in it. All cats are different when it comes to shedding, and so it’s important to know if they are shedding a healthy amount or if it’s a little too much.

The best way to start is by giving your kitten a quick pet, checking to see that their fur is fluffy and full and that your hand has a little fur on it after the petting. This early shedding stage should last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months into the spring period.

If, however, your cat sheds fur year-round or in spurts, they might be having difficulty with their circadian rhythm and probably require more natural sunlight. If they are not shedding anything, this may require a trip to your local vet, and the same goes if they are shedding to the point of having bald patches when shedding.

Managing the shed mess

Shedding can be an ultimate frustration for homeowners, who don’t really want to add it to their cleaning roster. Apart from all that fur covering your household items, it’s also likely your air conditioning systems will be full of dander and cat fur. Cats also love to rub themselves against household items to induce further shedding, so this can become a real problem!

But there are a few things you can do to cope with this irritating situation, including the following:

  • Regularly brushing your cat (think once or twice a day if they are cool with it);
  • Installing a high-efficiency pet rated furnace filter to catch all that dander & hair;
  • Utilise a lint roller to pick up excess fur stuck to clothing or other surfaces, and;
  • Regularly vacuum the parts of your home where your car just loves to shed their fur!

Naturally, brushing is the ultimate method to help with your cat’s shedding as well as keep the home clean. For cats of the long-haired variety, it’s a good idea to use a shedding rake or a stiff-bristled brush to tease out the shedding undercoat without irritating their fur. For short-haired kittens, use a soft-bristle brush as well as a comb as these typically get the job done!

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