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Different types of Akko Keyboard

In 2016, Akko was founded in Shenzhen with the concept of lifestyle gaming peripherals emphasizing design and also building an innovative peripheral brand. The thing which motivates Akko founders is “Diversifying the industry”, who have engaged in the gaming industry and the the computer peripheral equipment industry for years with new ideas to make peripherals more than a tool by embodying color trends, interest, pop-cultural imagery, attitude, and cultural elements. 

Akko keyboards offer a wide range of mechanical keyboards and parts. Akko is backed up by its integrated and robust supply chain. It is one of the brands with the most diverse selections of the mechanical keyboards layouts in all the world. Akko keyboards are dedicated to offering comprehensive keyboard size options to users including 108-Key in full-size keyboard, 98-key, 100-key, 87-key, 84-key, 68-key, 61-key arrangements. The mission of Akko Keyboard is that every user is able to find their desired layouts, colors and switches with accessible choice.

Akko keyboards are the leading keycaps manufacturer of the world with years of experience in production PBT Dye-Sublimation and Double-Shot keycaps that forms a solid base for our keyboard design. Akko Keyboards also gives a keycaps with a variety of profiles such as Cherry, OEM, ASA and ASA-Low. These profiles brought unique typing experiences for different users. It also ensure everyone finds comfortable keycaps.

Five Best Akko’s Keyboard 

Akko has released some of the most refined, high quality and beautiful mechanical keyboards on the market. Akko keyboard series comes in impressive feature and trendy themes. It also has many functions. Also the Akko keyboards come in different size and have different number of keys in it such as 101-key keyboard and 84-key keyboard. The 101-key keyboard is a standard size. The notable thing is that these keyboards are multipurpose keyboard and are not a single purpose keyboard. Akko keyboards are also for professional and gaming purpose. Akko provide sturdy and high-quality products. The keycaps in Akko keyboard have an extended lifetime in all its wireless and wired keyboards.

Because of these features, Akko Keyboard is a growing brand that has a portfolio of man top selling keyboard. Almost all reviews of its mechanical keyboard are positive. The 3061S Tokyo R2 keyboard is making praise rounds in online communities. So let’s discover the best Akko keyboard and discuss their functions, looks, features and prices.

1) AKKO 3061S Tokyo R2 61 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

Akko 3061S Tokyo R2 is a new version of Akko Keyboard. AKKO 3061S Tokyo R2 61 Keys Mechanical Keyboard is a beautiful, compact 61 keys wired keyboard. It is a Tokyo or Japanese-themed keyboard. The keyboards of Akko comes in a fantastic blend of pink and white colors. Besides Japanese look, it features images of beautiful Mount Torii and Fuji, the traditional Japanese gate which is on the space bar. It also comes with other Japanese cultural symbols such as world-famous Shiba Inu figures Maneki-Neko on Alt Ctrl buttons. Besides the pink switch, it comes in two more switches like orange and yellow.

AKKO 3061S Tokyo R2 61 Keys Mechanical Keyboard offers many valuable and impressive functions and features. It supports Gateron hot-swappable and customizable PBT Keycaps. The keyboard has customizable RGB backlight and has 16.8 million backlight colors. It has multimedia functionality. This keyboard has Type-C interface for cable connection and also support N-key Rollover.

2) AKKO 3061 Neon Mechanical 61 Keys Keyboard

AKKO 3061 Neon Mechanical 61 Keys Keyboard is one of the popular Akko Keyboards. This Akko Keyboard is a compact and stylish keyboard with 61 keys. It is also available with both wired and wireless capability. You can utilize the keyboard both wired or wireless through Bluetooth with ease. The backlight feature and the combination of red, black, and purple make the keyboard incredibly stunning.It comes with a 61 keys makes it compact and convenient. The keyboard also supports wireless capability because it comes with v5.0 Bluetooth feature with a long-lasting battery. If you want a wired connection then the keyboard comes with a Type-C port that makes it possible for you to connect it to the cable.

AKKO 3061 Neon Mechanical Keyboard is a high-performing keyboard with numerous functions and features. It supports Gateron hot-swappable switches and has customizable RGB Backlight plus 16.8 million RGB colors. AKKO 3061 Neon is a high-performing keyboard with numerous features and functions. All its key features and functions are listed below. The wireless keyboard feature a 1800mAh long-lasting lithium battery. It’s PBT cherry profile keycaps are customizable. This keyboard also supports full-key macro programming and comes with multimedia function keys.

3) AKKO 3068 68 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard can be described as a simple, silent and classy mechanical keyboard. It has 68 keys. This keyboard is best for those people who loves a calm environment because the it is amazingly silent. The blue keycaps exhibit the feeling of calmness and relaxed too. This Akko Keyboard also has the feature of Bluetooth which means this is a wireless keyboard which allow you to connect without wire with ease.

4) AKKO 3087 V2 Steam Engine 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

AKKO 3087 V2 Steam Engine 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard has a high-performing steam engine and has 87 keys. The Akko keyboard is suitable for gaming, professional and casual use. It comes in retro and classic look. The keyboard has all the features you need in an excellent keyboard. It is excellently compact with a narrow frame. It also has long-lasting G-switches. This keyboard supports Drive Free Macros and has useful shortcut keys. It has Type-C interface.

5) AKKO 3068 SP Ocean Star 68 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

AKKO 3068 SP Ocean Star 68 Keys Mechanical Keyboard gives out the ocean’s aura with different shades of blue. The blue keyboard gives the advantage to be utilized as a gaming and professional mechanical keyboard. This keyboard equips cherry switches and its keycaps are 85% PBT material which make them dry and nonslippery. This keyboard contain Multimedia function keys  and it comes with a Narrow Edge Design. It has Type-C interface and also support NKRO.

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