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The Best Counties in Florida: A Home Buying Guide

Visiting Florida is a dream vacation for people wanting sunny days and sandy beaches. What if we told you that you could have more than that dream vacay in Florida?

You can own a beautiful beachfront home in one of the most amazing counties in Florida. 

Some of the best housing markets in the Sunshine State have a low tax burden. Floridians appreciate the fact that Florida doesn’t have a state income tax. Cultural diversity is a plus as well. 

Counties in the state are nicely saturated with people from all walks of life. It’s like moving to a mini-melting pot in the south end of the country. The best part? You get to enjoy sunny, warm weather all year round.

Looking to buy a home in Florida? Read on to learn all about the best counties in Florida for purchasing a home.

One of the Best Counties in Florida to Live Is Miami-Dade County

When people hear the name Florida, Miami is usually the name of a city that follows. This is why you should consider Miami-Dade County as your next place of residence.

Miami-Dade County is home to Miami, Miami Beach, Cutler Bay, and Bay Harbor Islands. Sandy shores and beautiful blue beaches surround these cities, making each city one of the number one places to live.

For these reasons also, the cost of living is slightly higher than most counties in Florida. The median price for most homes starts at over $320,000, but you make up for the cost with equity.

Most homes in this area have high property values, making them worth the investment. 

Add the nightlife, high-end shops, and celebrities, and you’ll want to call it home. Just ask celebs like Lebron James, Jennifer Lopez, and Cher. They all have homes in Miami and often frequent there with their families. 

Sarasota County Is up Next

If you’re looking for an A+-rated place to live, Sarasota County is your next move. It’s ranked high in many areas—schools, family communities, and nightlife. 

Sarasota County is also one of the healthiest counties to call home in Florida. The median income is above $60,000, and most residents own their homes outright. 

Sarasota County homes have great equity value. These homes for sale have a median value above $250,000. The great jobs and outdoor activities are a plus. 

Pinellas County Should Be Your Next Move

Pinellas County has a great mix of young professionals and retirees. It’s home to one of the top one hundred colleges in the world—USF. 

The median price for homes is around $200k. Household incomes start at around $54,090. Most of the residents work within the county, with a light percentage commuting for work.

Fortune 100 companies like Raymond James and the Baycare Health System have home bases here. Plus, they are more than 35 A-rated schools within the county.

It’s a great place to live for singles and families of all types. But if you still can’t decide, an option is that there are also these beautiful waterfront homes for sale in NH.

Move to Florida!

If you clear skies and sunny days, the Sunshine State is where to be. Consider some of the counties in Florida, and make the move that you won’t regret. 

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