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The Best Mobile Sports Apps In 2022

The modern sports fan needs their scores, news, and updates at their fingertips, which is why mobile sports applications are among the most popular downloads worldwide.

Such apps have become pretty important as they allow for the intake of team-specific information a lot quicker than traditional platforms. As far as sports apps go, they aren’t all created equal, which is why we’ve listed some of the best below.

Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report app has been around for many years and it keeps getting better and better. The website it’s linked to drops a steady stream of news, power rankings, videos, injury reports, trade, and transfer developments – basically anything related to sports. It covers all of the major sports leagues, as well as other niches such as gaming, MMA, and wrestling.

It’s also great for live scores, will let you know when games start and break, and provide in-depth analysis on matches and other sport-related events. There’s also an interactive feature, allowing for comments, polls, and other things of that nature.

Fans can follow their favorite writers, teams, clubs, and leagues with the BR app. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a single penny.

The AllStar

The AllStar is the best new independent sports app out there. It doesn’t bother you with ads and is also free.

This application is fully customizable, permitting users to personalize their feeds so that they receive news and various updates related to their favorite teams.

As mentioned above, The AllStar is ad-free, so there are no banners filling up your screen. The user experience has been great so far but the developer continues to improve the features in the app, which also includes betting and betting analysis.

Such an app is especially great for sports fans in Ohio as betting has become legal in the state and sportsbooks such as Caesar’s Ohio are set to roll out pretty soon.


For baseball fans, it doesn’t get any better than the official MLB app. The NBA and NFL can hardly boast having the preferred app for their discipline but the MLB is different in that sense as it provides an all-in-one platform that keeps users in the game.

It’s also customizable so you’ll also be able to receive alerts for specific teams. The app is also big on stats so bringing up any player will let you access their RBIs, HRs, and batting averages.

Premium users can stream any game or radio program from across the U.S, which is pretty sweet.

As a disadvantage, though, there’s nothing going on betting-wise, so you’d have to get your odds and advice elsewhere.


theScore is another one of the more popular sports apps around. It’s the sister of Canadian sports network Sportsnet 360 (which was previously called theScore). Where interfaces are concerned, this app probably has the best, presenting a clean, uncomplicated experience demanding minimal browsing.

Opening up the app will immediately take you to live scores from the biggest games currently being played. But customizing it will give you a feed tailored to your sporting interests.

One of the cooler perks is the social media feature that allows for group chats, both public and private, and the ability to add friends who use the app too.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo has earned a reputation as a top sports news outlet since its days of being an email service and search engine. As such, the sports app has become pretty popular.

The app boasts a clean user interface which is great for new users or folk who may not be much into tech. They are always good for a large catalog of articles and videos which could be accessed through a simple search and, once you select your favorite teams, you will be presented with a personalized news feed that will keep you up to date with your team.

One of the more unique features is the portal through which you can watch local and primetime games by turning on your location.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is one of the more reputable names in sports media, so it’s no surprise that their app is among the most popular for mobile users.

They provide analysis, opinion, and betting advice by way of articles. Game previews and live scores are also accessible. One of the major perks happens to be their fantasy football coverage and stats, which is a must-have for fantasy players.

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