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Fix the Keycaps of your Broken Laptop

There are not all the keyboards are same because there are different keyboards are available in the market that are constructed differently. Traditionally, a laptop keyboard is covered in flat keycaps with the familiar letters and symbols too. If you are using a keyboard and during working, the keycaps of your laptop or keyboard might be broken then you should fix them by reading this article. Because this article is beneficial for those people who want to fix the keycaps of the keyboard or laptop. It is a serious problem because if you don’t fix the keycaps, it will not provide you the best working. You will be unable to enter the text into the computer system, because of it, you should fix the keycaps of your keyboard or a laptop. Every keyboard has a different construction and the keycaps of every keyboard might be different so that you have to fix the keycaps according to the keyboard that you are currently using and then you will be able to fix the keycaps of your keyboard. But on the other hand, some of the keyboards are covered in flat keycaps or in a plastic keycaps with having a symbols and numbers or letters too. 

Broken Laptops

The broken laptops can’t help you to do your work because they are not in a condition to provide you progress. You need to fix the laptops and if the keycaps of a broken laptops are also broken then you need to be fix them. Fixing the laptop and also the keycaps of a laptop is very necessary because if you don’t fix both of them then how can you do your work, you will be unable to perform any kind of an action on your laptop or on the computer. If you are interested to put the data into the computer system but the keycaps are missing from the keyboard then you will face a problem while entering the data into the computer system. 

Need to fix the Broken keyboards

You should fix the keyboards if you have a broken keyboard because broken keyboard will not provide a good working progress to you. If you want good work progress then you should have a keyboard that provides good working speed and it is possible only if your laptop is not broken and the keycaps of a laptop are working normally. But except this situation, you need to be fix the keycaps and your laptop too because if it is broken, a user will not work on it in a convenient way.

The way to fix the keycaps

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the way of fixing the keycaps for the people who are unable to fix them. You simply have to follow the steps that will help you to fix the keycaps of a keyboard. In the following, there are few of steps are mentioned in order to understand a user the way to fix keycaps. There is nothing difficulty in the process of fixing the keycaps but one thing is important and that is your interest. You should take interest in the following steps that we are going to discuss because if you read the following steps with great attention then there will be no difficulty while learning a way to fix a problem for keycaps or a broken laptop too

Step 1:

In the first step of fixing keycaps, you should check if the keycap came off your laptop or keyboard or on the other hand, if the retainer came with it, it may be happen for sometimes and if a retainer becomes loose the time and there may be a plastic with the keycaps of your keyboard or laptop that is likely to be a retainer. 

You should gently place the retainer onto the spot where the retainer came off and then the design of a retainer will naturally slot into space. If any of the plastic pieces appear broken then there is no need of reattaching.

Step 2:

Position the keycap on the top of the retainer in the second step of fixing the keycaps from a broken laptop or keyboard. The keycaps are aligned properly with all the keys that are available on the keyboard. If you see the keycaps that maybe misaligned then you should press down on the key until the keycap is positioned in a correct place. 

Step 3:

If you want to fix the keycaps then you have to examine the keycap for checking if the keycaps are aligned properly or not. Because if they aligned properly then it is good but if they are not aligned in a correct position then you need to place the keycaps at the right place.

Step 4:

If you followed all the above steps in a good way but after following the steps, you keycaps are not working in a normal way then in this situation, you should take your laptop to a third party for repairing. 

These four steps are very necessary for a user if he wants to fix the keycaps of a laptop. In the above 3 steps, you have learned a way to fix the keycaps of a keyboard or a laptop and in the last step, there is a choice to take the laptop to the third party. It depends on you if you fix the keys of your laptop by following the above steps then it is very good but if the keycaps are not working properly after performing the steps then you should take your laptop to a third party and then you should ask a technician to repair or fix a problem that you are facing regarding the keycaps of a keyboard or a laptop. 


If the keycaps of a laptop might be broken then you should fix them by following the simple steps and if the keycaps of a keyboard are not fix then you should repair it from a third party.

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