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The Best Mobile Turn-Based Games You Can Play Anywhere

Have you already tried turn-based mobile games apps? These games give you a sense of true power as you achieve various goals while focusing on your grand strategy. They take you to galaxies far away to combat threats from space, and the cool thing is that your moves in the game impact every other player across the world. This includes not only action games but also casino slots. They offer not only to try your luck, but also to get an online casino bonus.

If you’re looking for a new mobile turn-based game to play, check out this article on some of the top games in that category today. It also covers in-game advertising and how it can help you!

The digital versions of these games first appeared on consoles and PC. But just like most games from mobile slots to the Xbox classics, they’re now also available on smartphones. That’s right. You can continue sending your character on various missions even when you’re far from home or on the commute. And in case you’re still wondering which games are worthy of your time, we’ve put together our list of the best mobile turn-based games in 2021. Check it out.


This tactical and one of the best mobile games for Android is a turn-based adventure where you’re a commander. Your task: To stop aliens from taking over the planet. You’ll be commanding a whole squad as the leader of XCOM to eliminate the invading aliens. It’s a challenging strategy game, even on lower difficulty levels. Here are some of the features that make the game stand out:


  • The game’s combat system is realistic.
  • Once you’ve completed your assigned mission and report back to headquarters, you can unlock plenty of new abilities.
  • You can give your troops remarkable power once you’re successful enough to get the upgrade.
  • You can move your combat troops with precision and send them to exact locations.


2. Age of Magic – One of the Best Mobile Games for Fantasy Lovers

The Age of Magic stands out among other turn-based games because of its imaginative world filled with paladins, magic, and gnomes. But the game is not only for magic enthusiasts. Leading the epic heroes in the ancient world requires all your strategy skills. The thrilling plot and good 3D graphics make Age of Magic one of the favorite mobile games online for many. Within only a few months, the number of downloads reached over 1 million.

Here’s why people love the game:

  • There are multiple characters you need to strengthen and pump up.
  • You get to assemble your team of heroes.
  • You can choose from over 50 heroes.
  • The gameplay is about battling the monsters in a disaster-ridden world. The exciting storyline hooks you into a world of creatures and heroes fighting with each other.
  • 3. Civilization Revolution 2 

    Are you looking for the best turn-based mobile games for iOS? Then go with Civilization Revolution 2 (also available on Android or any other smartphone). This engaging strategy game has more tactical depth than its predecessor had. Your primary activities are imperialistic: to conquer and expand.

    Plus, the 3D graphics, many wonders, buildings, technology, and leaders in Civilization Revolution 2 are brand-new. You can choose to play as one of the 18 leaders from the list that’s pretty diverse. Lenin, Sejong, and John F. Kennedy are just some of the available characters.

    4. Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans, one of the more challenging mobile games, is free for anyone to download and play. Your role as the village head is to create a strong army and dominate the other clans. You can gather wealth from won battles and use it to train your soldiers. And the cool thing is that at some point, you can join forces with other clans and go after even bigger battles.

    Here’s why the game is so much fun to play: 

    • The interface is very user-friendly and gives a good overview of the development of the game.
    • You can test the strength of your defenses by engaging in a friendly mock-battle with your clan mates.
    • You can use a pretty complex strategy with multiple combinations to win battles.


    So this was our list of the best mobile turn-based strategy games out there. Try them all out and see which one you like the best. Anyone can find the worlds and characters that suit their personality and preferences. Turn-based mobile games in esports are not a big thing at the moment, but that can all change soon as advancing technology keeps creating new possibilities. So if you get really good at playing, you might even have some chances of going professional: all the more reasons to enjoy these fantastic games.

    Did we miss your favorite turn-based mobile game app? Let us know in the comments.


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