The Best providers for streaming – According to Netflix

If there is one thing the whole nation can agree on, it is that we all love our streaming services. You have to admit you love your daily Netflix fix, and you hate it when your internet connection lets you down. In December 2019, Netflix ran some speed tests and came up with a list of the top 10 internet providers that have good enough speeds to support seamless Netflix streaming. I hear cheers everywhere. It’s like the universe answering your deepest question. Anyway, if you were looking to sign up for an internet connection or just want to know where your provider stands then go ahead and read on. Or, if you want to subscribe to a provider, which would not let you think of turning back again, you may simply get AT&T Internet. It not only provides extremely high-speed internet packages at the most affordable rates but is also the most reliable internet provider in the US.

With millions of subscribers all over the world, no wonder Netflix is the favourite streaming service for the masses. It has a never-ending library of movies, web series TV series and is the biggest investor in creating original content. You can also watch your favourite TV series and movies with Netflix gratis services i.e with free Netflix web services.

However, its entire business depends on the quality of your internet connection. So, it only makes sense if they went ahead and ranked the internet service providers in the United States according to the actual speeds they offer.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Speed Index

Alright, so before we go on and start the comparisons there are some things we need to understand. The Netflix ISP Speed Index is a ranking based on the level of streaming experience offered by ISPs during prime-time. The average bitrate of the content streamed by subscribers is calculated in Mbps (Megabits Per Second) for each provider to come up with the rankings. Please understand that the speed mentioned in the rankings is not the maximum capacity of these internet providers. It is, in fact, the speed a subscriber would be receiving during prime-time streaming hours.

Internet Service Provider Comparison

According to Netflix back in December 2019, Verizon FIOS was the best provider to stream your favorite content during primetime. Cox Communications followed suit at number 2 with Optimum at number 3. Spectrum held a spot in the top 5 at number 4 followed by Comcast who dropped a few steps down to number 5.

Check the table below for the complete list of the top 10 providers.


1 Verizon FIOS 4.74
2 Cox Communications 4.68
3 Optimum 4.64
4 Spectrum 4.64
5 Comcast Cable Communications 4.63
6 AT&T U-Verse 4.46
7 Suddenlink Communications 4.44
8 Mediacom Communications 4.44
9 Frontier Communications 4.05
10 Verizon DSL 4.05


Do I hear a hallelujah from the people with the above providers? The rest of you do not fret just yet. Netflix also thinks that Windstream, CenturyLink, and AT&T DSL are good enough to stream your favorite movies and shows during primetime with their 3.87 Mbps, 3.81 Mbps, and 3.47 Mbps speeds respectively. In fact, any provider with a 3 Mbps or above speed should do just fine.

So, I guess this is both a moment of joy and sorrow for the Netflix devotees. Some may be thanking their stars or just themselves for the good ISPs they ended up with, while others may be cursing their luck for being stuck with the ones that are not on that list because they do not really have a choice. In any case, I will just say one thing….. … times change dude! Nothing stays the same so do not take these things to heart. Philosophical eh!

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