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The Biggest Promise Of WordPress 5.7: The Revolutionary Full Site Scripting

Since last year the indication and the signals were clear that WordPress with its forthcoming update is going to offer something substantially big and era defining. Yes, finally the new WordPress 5.7 has come loaded with the capability of full site editing.

Many experts for some time were predicting that the future of major CMS platforms will be coupled with full side editing. WordPress CMS which is built upon PHP code can now allow developers to use the full scope of editing the underlying capabilities and features integrated with the WordPress platform. In this respect, the all new full site editing will open up a whole array of fresh new possibilities for the developers.

The new 5.7 version has come loaded with minor updates and value additions, but the real eye catcher is this feature. With the full site editing the WordPress developers can go well beyond the so called themes and standard protocols that make the boundaries or limits for their development input. If you hire wordpress developers india for your new website, having some knowledge and expertise with the new block editor should be appreciated.

Here we are going to explain this all new full site editing capability of WordPress 5.7 and how it unfolds a new future for the WordPress community.

What is Full Site Editing?

Full Site Editing comes basically as an amalgamation of various concepts related to WordPress development. In one way it reveals the scope of transition from the traditional constraints and concepts of WordPress development and on the other hand, it also allows creating a fully fledged overhaul for the developers and designers engaged in WordPress projects.

Among the key changes, the navigation menus and widgets are now refurbished to be launched right under the block system. Though they are being shaped for some time, now only with WordPress 5.7 version they are going to be public. Thanks to this value addition the users of the classic themes will be able to use blocks outside of the post editing screen. After this new update, block based themes and customisation using blocks will enjoy a priority.

The all new site editor will offer complete visual block templates that can be used by the developers from the scratch just the way theme developers design blocks to the users. These block based templates are fully customizable and they can be easily accessed right from the WordPress admin panel. The theme builders will be able to customise the configurations and create default settings for each and every theme. The users of these block based themes will be able to tweak the look and feel of each template as per their individual preferences and needs.

The best thing about the new value addition is that both the site editor and the theme code will be able to use the same programming language for communication. This is a huge upgrade since it will allow the end users to customise the themes with more ease or at least they can give such efforts a try.

On the other hand, just because both block editor and theme editor will be using the same language throughout, switching from one to the other will be easier. There is also an option to incorporate a specific toggle allowing this switch.

Managing a number of workflows to give their web page intended look and feel has always been a key challenge for the WordPress developers working with Gutenberg. With the latest WordPress 5.6 probably this challenge is finally resolved quite conclusively. The ultimate objective of reducing multiple workflows into a single interface of a web project has always been a major challenge and that is exactly where the new WordPress 5.6 seems to offer real value to the developers.

The most important thing about the site editing capability of new WordPress 5.6 is that it is going to revolutionise the so called aged WordPress editing experience and deliver us something completely new and era defining. No wonder, because of the site editing capability alone WordPress 5.6 update us being tagged as the most revolutionary update of the CMS in years.

4 Key Phases and Promises Of Full Site Editing

The full site editing project of the latest WordPress 5.6 comes with four key phases such as the below.

  • Easier Editing: The principal promise of the block based editor overriding the themes and widgets allows easier editing of the website.
  • Customization: The new block based editing tool allows thorough customisation of the entire look and feel of the website.
  • Collaboration: Because if communicating with one programming language at every level, full site editing helps easier collaboration.
  • Multilingual: Full site editing project of the latest WordPress 5.6 allows incorporating multiple languages in a website.

According to many industry experts, the block editor of the WordPress CMS that for some time is being worked upon and finally came as a key value addition with the latest WordPress 5.6 version, is likely to shape the future of WordPress in more ways than one.

What Are The Upcoming Features of WordPress 5.7?

From the present announcement and the update it is clear that, in the coming years full site editing capability with the block based editor will take centre stage of WordPress development. Let us have a brief look at the key capabilities and the features that are likely to be common building blocks of WordPress in the 2021 and beyond.

  • As for the project Gutenberg, the developers will get a lot of additional blocks, more refined UI capabilities, a lot of new design tools and themes and improved widget design capability.
  • There will be improved auto-update capability and capability to auto update the jQuery plugin.
  • There will be a lot of fine-tuning and refinements in terms of WordPress UI, pages, templates, navigation blocks and more.
  • In the time to come the core developers behind the project will also try to mitigate various dependencies of every WordPress update that cause performance issues.


The all new full site editing feature of WordPress 5.7 delivers a lot of value additions that WordPress community is considering important for several years. In many ways thus updating revolutionised the potential of the WordPress editing experience that will benefit both the developers, websites and the end users.

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