Dentist vs Orthodontist

The Dentist vs Orthodontist Question: What’s the Main Difference?

There is nothing quite like sudden tooth pain to cause a feeling of panic. Many people are afraid of the dentist and dread the trip, but the dentist might not be where you need to go. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “Do I need a dentist or an orthodontist?” you’re not alone.

The two professions have a lot in common, but the differences between a dentist vs an orthodontist are significant. And if you’re experiencing pain in your tooth, mouth, or jaw, you’ll want to go to the right one so you can get taken care of.

Dentist vs. Orthodontist

Both dentists and orthodontists go to dental school and study similar things, but the two professions diverge after that. It might seem unclear how they differ initially, but both professionals simply handle different problems in the same area.

Professional Differences

If you’ve wondered about what an orthodontist is, and whether or not you need one, this should clear it up. After dental school, a dentist can (in some states) become a general practitioner of dentistry. They will treat your cavities, clean your teeth, and help with numerous dental troubles, including crowns and root canals.

And what do orthodontists do? For example, an orthodontist in London will study for 3 years to become a specialist on jaw formation, proper bite, and facial growth. If you need braces, need a single tooth moved, or need jaw surgery, an orthodontist will be involved in the process.

What Do You Need?

Sometimes pain originating in teeth and around the jaw area is a simple cavity, but it could require orthodontic consultation. Pain could originate from a misaligned bite, and one tooth could be digging in further into the gums than it should.

If you go to a dentist originally, they will likely be able to point you in the direction of an orthodontist if the pain is not related to tooth decay or other specific dental problems.

The dentist vs. Orthodontist London debate should be easy to clear up. Dentists will use x-rays and looking around in your mouth to find out what the problem might be. Many dentists do also offer some orthodontic services like Invisalign, but for complicated issues, it is best to consult with a trained orthodontist.

You might think orthodontists only work on cosmetic issues like straightening teeth with braces. But they can help realign an incorrect bit that could help someone speak better, deal with TMJ issues, and breathe better.

Taking Care of Teeth

In a debate of dentist vs. orthodontist, neither is better than the other. They are both crucial to dental health. They just serve different purposes and situations. Sometimes you may need an orthodontist and a dentist, like if you need a tooth pulled and then require braces to fill the space.

Is an orthodontist the same as a dentist? No, but both are trained professionals with dental degrees here to help you. And if you found this helpful in clearing up that question, check us out for more useful information.

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