The difference between a roofing company and an independent roofer

The difference between a roofing company and an independent roofer

Yes! You need a roofer to repair, install or carry out maintenance on your roofing system but then it can get overly confusing when you are asked to pick between a roofing company or an independent roofer.

In this article, I will walk you down the differences that exist between both terms, the advantages and disadvantages of both. After reading this article you will be better informed on who to employ for your roofing needs.

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Without much ado, let’s first understand the meaning of both a roofing company and an independent roofer. A roofing company is a registered entity that carries on the business of replacing, repairing, and installing the roofs of buildings, using a variety of materials, like shingles, metal and etc. While an independent roofer is a licensed individual who carries on this job.

The distinction between an independent roofer and a roofing company.

  • An independent roofer is something like a one-man business, he takes on roofing in his own name and he may hire subcontractors when fulfilling his assignments. A roofing company on the other hand is an entity with employees, these employees are roofers and are paid monthly whether or not the company receives roofing assignments.
  • A roofing company only hires licensed roofers to work in the entity, this further assures the client that only licensed people would work on their project. A lot of ambiguity surrounds an independent roofer in the sense that they may be licensed, unlicensed, or just anyone who can work on roofs.
  • Before employing anyone, a roofing company would have a series of hiring processes to enable it to understand the background of such people before employing and it will also endeavour, only people from its crew are allowed to work on clients’ projects. This is however not the case with independent roofers where they can hire just anybody on short notice to fulfil their roofing assignments.
  • A roofing company specializes in various areas of roofing but a roofing contractor may be limited by their area of specialization being a one-man venture.
  • It may be difficult to get a roofing company to start your project on short notice. As a company, their processes may be inundated by bureaucracy but with an independent contractor, you’ll be able to get them to fix your roofing project even if it’s on short notice.

These are some of the important distinctions between a roofing company and an independent roofer. And it’s unfair to say one is better than the other because both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which one you are willing to work based on factors like;

  • Your budget: independent roofers may be more flexible in their pricing policy and it may be easier to get them to take a lower price but a roofing company would have standard prices so it may be difficult to beat their service to lower prices.
  • expertise: a roofing company would seemingly have more experts to work on a job compared to an independent roofer who may hire half baked roofers to maximize his gains from a job.
  • It may be easier to adjust your requirement when the job is ongoing if you hire an independent roofer. This opportunity may not be available with roofing companies who follow standards in doing their job. A roofing company specializes in various areas.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether you chose to work with an independent roofer or a roofing company, carry out your investigation about them before pitching with any.

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