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How to maintain your hybrid car while travelling?

As time passes, there is a growth of consciousness to a certain degree about the benefits of hybrid cars and their demand has risen in the whole world. This is mostly due to the fact that they have a better fuel economy and are more or less similar to maintain like an ordinary car. Hybrids also offer a slightly better build quality and luxurious features, which is also a reason why people are preferring them over normal cars especially for travelling on longer routes.

But with a thing that depends heavily on batteries, there is always a warning that ultimately with time they won’t be able to contain a charge that they used to do when they were brand new. These worries multiply when you are on the road and travelling to a destination with limited facilities such as spare parts. However, we can share some tips that can come in handy to prolong your hybrid car’s battery life so that you won’t run into such delicate problems.

Our ultimate travel tip for every traveller

Travelling to any destination, anywhere in the world comes with a certain set of responsibilities and planning. When travelling in a hybrid car, you may find yourself filling fewer litres of gas in your tank, but the maintenance will always be on your mind. For this reason, we highly recommend cutting costs anywhere you can find. Book a cheap flights to the destination where you are going to rent out your hybrid vehicle. You can also find cheap holiday packages in which not only your flights will be covered, but also hotel accommodation and a few more travel details. In this way, you can cut out some of the responsibilities from your schedule and focus on enjoying yourself more.

Maintaining a hybrid while travelling

When driving any vehicle, the major cost is fuel. So, taking your hybrid or renting one for your trip will definitely cut some costs. However, if you take care of your vehicle, we believe that it will take care of you. So do everything following in this article and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

Preserving Temperature

The first thing that should concern a hybrid car owner is the climate of their area. When bearing in mind the battery life of your vehicle, harsh weather environments can leave a negative effect on the life of your hybrid car’s battery. In the extreme summers, never leave your car directly in the sun. Also, avoid parking in the open at night time as precipitation can also harm it. In winter, always park your car in the warmth of your parking garage.

Proper warm-up before driving

Always try to avoid harsh or swiftly changing weather. Just like human beings, electronics or mechanical devices also take time to acclimatize. Also, make sure that you warm the engine and all the fluids running in the system up to the optimum temperature before driving away. In a hybrid, always make sure you drive your car frequently so that its engine can charge the batteries. If you are going out of town for a few days, always remember to disconnect your car’s connection with the batteries.

Transmission Liquid

For this point, we will take you from some basic knowledge to some technical ones for a better understanding of your hybrid vehicle transmission. In any simple vehicle with automatic gears, hydraulic pressure is built by transmission liquid in order to shift gears along with cooling the internal transmission components. In a hybrid car, the purpose of transmission liquid is to cool multiple electric motors that produce a huge quantity of heat. Additionally, the liquid can be tainted with iron oxides which can cause major problems in the electric motors, which are extremely expensive (almost quarter to half of the vehicle’s price).

So, it is imperative to drain out and replace the transmission liquid after every seventy-thousand-kilometer mark. The standard practice of this fluid change is almost after every 100,000 km, but changing it quickly will enhance your battery life and keep your car’s electric motors vigorous. If your hybrid vehicle is nearing that mark, get all the changes done before heading out.

Regular Checkups

This is the least important, yet the most important point of this article. Car maintenance should always go without saying, but people tend to forget, or mostly neglect it. So, make sure to get regular checkups and service of your car. You don’t need months to revisit a service station, but only days. Get your hybrid vehicle’s battery serviced at regular interludes and replace filters, oils, fluids before their expiry period to get the best drive experience. If you take care of your car, it will surely take much better care of you and all its passengers. Do a checkup before travelling, and do one when you have come back. You can also do some minor checks during your trip.

Clearing bumps and speed breakers carefully

Every owned of a hybrid is proud of their vehicle. They tend to get the best mileage and save a lot of carbon emissions for the sake of this planet we all call home. However, these cars are delicate and made not only for a greener world but also to bring more comfort to the passengers. For this reason, they have a lower ground clearance for a better road grip, additional driving comfort, and fuel economy. However, this feature will always bring trouble when clearing a bump on-road and speed breakers. For this reason, we recommend that you drive very carefully and take your time crossing your vehicle from this type of road.

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