Pneumatic System

The Function of Pressure Regulator in Pneumatic System

Pressure regulators help to reduce the pressure, lower the operational and repairing cost and provide safety. A pneumatic system or equipment requires a precise pressure of the compressed air to run and perform the tasks efficiently. To have strong control over the pressure and to have optimal performance from the pneumatic system, a proportion air regulator is used. Today a wide range of pressure regulators are available in the market from which you can choose the one that looks like the best fit for your system.

Here we have listed some functions that a pressure regulator performs in the pneumatic system:

Helps to Control the Pressure:

In pneumatic systems, low pressure regulators are used to control and maintain the required pressure in the airlines so that the system can outperform. These devices remove the fluctuations of the pressure and deliver a constant pressure continuously as per the need of the process. Today, they are commonly found in almost all the places where regulation of precise pressure is necessary to operate a system or equipment.

Keeps the Pneumatic Cylinder Safe:

The proportion air regulator keeps the pneumatic cylinder safe. If you will not use a pressure regulator in the pneumatic system then the high pressure can damage the cylinder or the low pressure will not let the cylinder perform its work correctly. If fluctuations will occur in the pressure then they will disturb the movement of the cylinder and as well as the load and resultantly, the system will be damaged or will fail to provide the expected output.

Provides Set Point Accuracy:

A pressure regulator maintains a constant state of the required pressure in the pneumatic system. Proportion air regulator empowers the user to easily control the pressure of the air. By using it user can easily achieve the required pressure accurately. It is known as the set point accuracy. Using accurate pressure allows the system, machine or equipment to outperform and provide the expected results. Accuracy and precision are the two important factors that need to be achieved in almost all processes whether it’s a manufacturing process, food processing, patient treatment etc. Today, the required pressure is easily achieved with the help of an electronic pressure regulator.

Prevent the Waste:

Proportion air regulators use sensors for the monitoring of the pressure that is passing through it. These sensors send a signal to the control element of the pressure regulator. This element further reads the received signal and performs the required action to control the flow and the pressure of the fluid. It keeps the pressure constant until the work is not done. In this way, the electronic air pressure regulator reduces the waste of the compressed air while retaining the constant pressure in the system as per the need. It helps to cut down the waste and lowers the utility bills.

Final Words:

A proportion air regulator serves a key role in the pneumatic system. Due to their numerous benefits, and functionality, they are widely used in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

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