The Intermediate Guide to Private Instagram Viewer 2022

Who is the person who likes your photo? Let’s ask, for our upcoming quiz, we will be asking you to name someone like this…

The first day of my second semester in university ended up being one of the most memorable days of my life. It was filled with hope, excitement and even more surprises. The way I describe it now was like a dream.

On top of that, the whole school was under lockdown and everyone was confined to their respective rooms as well as the campus. This led me to think, what if they had their own social media accounts? And I mean like real people!

I did have one thing better than anyone else in the class, it’s me. A personal Instagram account where I’d go on to post about my friends’ lives, the random events and more. And the truth is, you could say that all of us were lucky enough to get an insight into each others activities.

So we had to make a quick decision, on what to do next? We decided not to share anything about ourselves but instead, try to find a private Instagram downloader for videos and stories which ones were popular among other students and also find out what their hobbies were. So that’s how I started looking out for my Private Instagram Viewer.

One look at some of theirs would make me curious about them. But the most important thing to remember was that I wasn’t making any money just posting things just to find people. On the contrary, it was actually quite a useful activity.

I thought about it and found out that one of the best ways to make a profit online is by having a list of the users that are following you.

So once you have a list of those people, how much can one earn by simply seeing pictures of them? My guess is that only around $700 would be the average per month. For that amount of money, I’d need to get 1,000 likes every single week. That’s pretty big, isn’t it?

To be frank, that seemed ridiculous for them to see me having so many followers, especially since my page isn’t private. However, with the click of a button, they can get more information on me and that means more money for myself.

But then again, maybe it didn’t seem worth it. In reality, there wouldn’t be any consequences if I kept putting posts all over my feed. If the likes were coming in, then why would I stop doing so? In that case, it should have been good enough for me to keep going.

So the question came to my head, “Who are my actual influencers??” The answer was easy, Facebook and Instagram Stalker. Although I didn’t see any of these two social media accounts until later on, and after reading several articles, I knew what it was. These two websites are huge when it comes to gaining followers and the number of users they attract. It’s no wonder anyone wants to have their picture be part of their feed.

So I decided to ask my self the same question as earlier and asked myself that question: “What does he have on his feed? Who does every single picture look like? What kind of content does he upload? Is anyone else following him? Is it good content or ugly? How often do he post? Does he follow other accounts? Does he comment on other posts?”

And although my doubts were still there, I finally decided to give this project another shot. After a bit, I tried to put all the hard work I’d done before, the time I spent figuring out where this idea came from, to good use. By sharing his page with the search engines, I managed to find his actual website. It was a little messy, mainly because most of the posts were made by his girlfriend, but all in all, there was nothing that could throw a spanner in the works.

Then as my friend told me, “It’s funny that you have such a close relationship with him.” I had to disagree because, according to her, there were none. Not really, because she never posted any other photos to her page. She was always uploading funny videos and that made me feel like I was watching something special. As for me, her page was always full of memes and photos about the celebrity world. Just the fact she uploaded pictures of herself, her boyfriend, and the dog made me wonder who the author was behind the content she shared and whether they had something to say about politics or feminism.

The rest is history. She has now moved on with his Instagram page but as soon as they saw that her page was too crowded and full of memes, they decided it would be better not to have too many followers anymore.

Some time later, after I’d given up trying to get more followers for his page, I noticed my friend’s page getting less and less followers as time went by. His posts were also becoming fewer and fewer, almost to the point where they stopped showing any new and old pictures. When I checked, it turned out he had moved on with someone else from his previous page (my friend). I didn’t even want to know if he got a new girl, but luckily for us both, she seems to be happy.

All in all, my friend’s page wasn’t changing at all, neither was mine. Maybe the times are different on social media, but I hope to change for the better one day.

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