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The Investment Center Review 2021: How This Broker Proves To Be A Suitable Trading Partner?

If I take myself a decade back, I find myself sitting on an old workout chair, absolutely clueless about what and how to do. Yes, I’m referring to the round trader that I was back then. Totally baffled and sceptical about what to do next. I see today, that despite all the advances in technology and mediums of communication, a lot many you traders find themselves equally baffled about choices. Here, I’ll give you insights into my own trading venture so that you take up the dos and avoid the don’ts. Let me make it a point here that now tons of information is a few touches away but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll lead to your benefit. You need to be very cautious and vigilant throughout.

Let me start by thanking the one who helped me reach where I stand today. The driving force behind my successful trading journey came from not only my family but also from The Investment Center. Hit ‘enter’ and you’ll find tons of brokerage companies who’ll keep telling you they’re the best. But how do you know which best’ is the actual best? Here I am today, to make your selection easy.

As I proceed while I keep referring to the specifications a good trading platform has. The Investment Center was not my first choice, in fact, I had the unfortunate experience of using many forums before I reached this one. So I would recommend all of you to have a look at The Investment Center before you wish to pick anything else. Although it’s been only a few years that I first signed up for this platform their exceptional services forced me to review and show you all that I was served with. Let’s begin without making you wait anymore.

Expand Your Market Reach

The first thing a trader wishes for is a huge market where there’s an enhanced chance of their profits being maximized. The Investment Center super stands out in my eyes because of the fact that they actually create a market for you using their network operations without charging extra bucks. It opens up massive opportunities, giving them easy access to essential and specialized tools for Forex, CFD, and Stock Trading.

For All Of You

Hold on, you think you’re too immature for this? Well, it’s a one-stop solution, head over to the learning resource and gets yourself equipped with all the new information you’ll ever need. We traders undergo a never-ending learning procedure which is why I would ask experienced ones to make a quick tour into the section.

What I love about their learning resource tool is their collection of comprehensive e-books which have a well-written synopsis. It quickly helps you decide if you need to pick it or not.

For All Of You

Keep going till you come across a couple of lists namely Glossary and Asset Index. In order to save your time, these two have been arranged alphabetically. Bump into a new term and head over to this section. In this part, you can directly access the asset index and keep yourself informed about trading hours, expiry rules, etc. While I would have hoped had they upgraded them with time, as that would indeed make them a lot more resourceful with respect to the changing market norms.

Customer Affairs

The efficacy of platforms is often measured in terms of their efforts to educate and entertain customers. By now you all have an idea how mindful The Investment Center has been regarding facilitating their users but let me put forth another point. Quite sometimes, I had the chance to get in touch with their customer care representative and the experience was very delightful. I found them very professional and responsive to my complaints. This forum has a very well-designed FAQ section to make sure you get your answers without having to contact a representative.

It is also subdivided to help you navigate through instantly. Categories include trading, platform, support, funding, and opening account. Although, I believe that questions also evolve with needs hence such sections have to be updated quite often. Unfortunately, this is what the forum lacks.

Customer Affairs

There are a few shortcomings that I want all of you to know. This platform isn’t available for any dialects apart from English and customers in the U.S. can’t access it. Apart from that, you’ll not find any video lectures.


I believe that what keeps a customer attached to the firm for a longer period of time is nothing but the diversity and efficiency of the tools being offered. Top-quality analytical tools must be the reason behind the large number of users who stick to The Investment Center for years now. Their impeccable tools include,

  • Insider Trader which helps you keep an eye on which insider investor is selling/buying what
  • New alerts of the trading world to keep you updated
  • Recommendations from experts through ‘Trading Analyst Recommendations
  • Hedge Find activity trends and updates
  • Traders Trend will help you get to know more about significant trading partners

Above mentioned tools are just a glimpse not what you’ll get. There’s way more than what is mentioned above for you to explore, use and improve your trading practices.

I would like to mention a few more specialized tools that are worth the time and attention. You get daily emails from The Investment Center which keep you informed regarding areas such as Forex sets, Commodities, etc. Charting has also been made very easy due to features such as 5 chart types, 10-time intervals, technical indicators, etc. Stock reports, financial commentary and predictions, Economic alerts and a lot is waiting to join your venture.

Strategic Planning 

Strategic planning skills are a must’ve in the trading world. They are the only tool you need to set yourself apart. And for the development of these tools, you need to make use of some efficient tools which are available conveniently here. Ever since I became a user of these tools I saw unprecedented growth in terms of profits.

If you get access to 200+ assets and a large number of options such as Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Indices, and Commodities to trade in, opportunities are bound to come running after you. This platform allows you to incredibly expand your portfolio. It was the confidence I got from The Investment Center that I invested in Tesla and here I am slowly making my way into the world of Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you certainly need to give it a shot and see what their remarkable crypto collection has in store for you.

How To Pick An Account?

Well, I have used only 2 accounts till now. One was a trial account. I recommend you all to go for it instantly so you realize whatever is being discussed here is true and real.  My experience with the trial account was phenomenal. All I did was get $250 deposited and the new, previously concealed world of easy trading met my eyes. This account is for you if you’ve come from retail or are an expert broker. It is best for the ones who are the newbies looking for experience.  Once I was satisfied with the services, I took no time to get it upgraded and become a Gold Account user.

How To Pick An Account

I feel like this was one of the best decisions that I’ve made all my trading life. I will probably stand by this for many years to come because this up-gradation introduced me to tools I had never thought of before. They helped me enhance my portfolio and increase market reach considerably. They included financial planning, flexible leverage up to 1:200, special venture promotions, monthly webinars, and much much more.

One feature that I need to mention distinctly is that they offer you financial advisers to boost your profits. Fortunately enough, I came across Mr. Dave Clarkson who became my broker and helped me manage my accounts better. The platform offered me spectacular services in the areas of tax, finance, and even legal matters that were taken care of by them. Here I feel the need to mention that the experts are there just to help you through and not influence your decisions in any possible way.

Pocket Friendly

Another very attractive feature is that it is a rather ‘low expense financer’. There are no hidden charges involved. With all the brokerage companies that I’ve been associated with, most of them kept deducting money in the name of additional markups and commissions but it isn’t the case at The Investment Center.

Towards the end, I would like to mention a very important factor which is generally overlooked. It is the theme factor. A lot of online brokerage websites have a dark theme which might be appreciated by many but I am not a huge fan of such colours. Boring colours make the process even drier. A punch of bright colours and captivating themes helps. The Investment Center kept it under consideration clearly.

The Final Word

Out of all the brokerage firms that I’ve been making use of, I found The Investment Center the most appropriate. It opens new doors of opportunities for traders and lets you explore new avenues. I have not come across a platform more professional than The Investment Center in all respects. If you want to give a new life to your trading venture, you have to consider The Investment Center.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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