Notable Social Media Trends Of 2021

The Right Social Media Platform For You

TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the main social media platforms that are present today. YouTube has transformed itself from a video creation platform to something that has become very social as well. What is interesting to note is the transition from writing to video creation; this is an aspect that has been a trend and will continue to do so at present and in the near future. There was a consensus a few years back that nothing could actually supersede videos. The truth is that, what used to be emerging technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are very much standard in this day and age with regard to the world of video. Add to this the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which serve to make social media platforms very engaging and attractive.

With the rise of Facebook and other social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok there is a division amongst society and community as a whole. The question is what social media platform would be right for you. This is all based on what exactly you are trying to achieve and whether you are utilising social media as an individual or as a brand. Moreover, there is a huge difference when it comes to the demographics of those who use social media. Facebook which was the popular platform for older Millennials and Baby Boomers would not be in competition with the Snapchats of the world.

Media is an award-winning app development company that also believes in the importance of social media and the creation of apps to increase and better your online presence. Mobile app design is an important part in the creation of applications. Keeping this in mind, remember that every single social media platform has a different purpose. For instance, TikTok would be an excellent platform for musicians. And, Twitter would be the best community centre online for politicians and thought leaders. Sports stars and aspiring cooks would find a great deal of loyalty on Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, what needs to be considered is the use of advertising in order to push your content to your relevant audience.

Creating an app prototype is a very important part of app development. Applications are all about bridging the real world with an online community in order to promote new products and services; but this is limiting the use of applications in general. Having said that, in a world, which is increasingly online and very social, we know that there is a great demand for social media platforms, and this will only be an upward trend. There is nothing called a mass market now; rather there are small markets which are very niche oriented. But this goes to prove that you need to ensure that you define your target audience and utilise the right social media platform in order to approach them and engage with them.

Moreover, it will be prudent to state that creating a social media platform that takes human psychology into account could very well be the next Facebook or TikTok. We have mentioned the importance of augmented reality and virtual reality in this article. And with more technology being used, the platforms that will become highly social will be different realities that we can personalise to suit our own tastes. Social media is all about engagement and interactions. This is probably a very good reason why platforms like Discord have become very popular and are still very much relevant today. Facebook would’ve been mass-market at one point; but, what we have seen today is that the global community is divided based on various desires, preferences and requirements. Taking this into consideration, the only way to succeed in an online world would be to niche down on what to offer the audience you are aiming at.

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