The Ultimate Florence Travel Guide

The Ultimate Florence Travel Guide

Traveling tends to create feelings of excitement, nervousness, and stress all at once! However, you can avoid some of this nervousness and stress with the proper budgeting and planning. If you’re traveling to Florence and need ideas for your trip, this is a perfect place to begin. Keep reading for the ultimate traveler’s guide!

What are the Most Important Parts of Traveling?

When planning your trip, there are many components to consider, including some of the following:

  • Your budget
  • Your desires and goals
  • Knowing what to book ahead of time
  • Planning luggage storage on your vacation

The Budget

As with any trip, traveling to Florence can be expensive. It’s important to review your finances and determine what you’re willing and able to spend on the entirety of the trip. This budget should include all costs, even down to the smallest payments:

  • A passport: Make sure to purchase this ahead of time so it comes in on time!
  • Airline flights and transportation: Airline flights are likely one of your highest costs of the trip, but don’t forget to budget for transportation while there. Consider the railways as a fun way to get around!
  • Housing: This can be booked through hotels or Airbnbs. You will likely save money if you plan out and book your housing ahead of time.
  • Food and drinks: This expense can quickly add up. Consider buying some breakfast and lunch items from the store to save on eating out, while also enjoying local restaurants for other meals!
  • Excursions and attractions: Although this can be expensive, many attractions are free. Look into your different options and determine what you’re willing to spend in this area.
  • Luggage storage: This is helpful during your excursions, as you won’t have to think about carrying around your luggage. Plus, it’s quite affordable!
  • Spending money: Having extra money is helpful, as you never know what money you’ll need for souvenirs, gifts, and other spending.

Your Desires and Goals

This section helps you narrow down the excursions and attractions you want to take. Making a list of what to see and do will help in planning your itinerary and ensuring you have time to visit the places that are important to you.

Do you want to visit Santa Maria Novella, Florence train station, or Perugia? Do you want to try local restaurants, wineries, or coffee shops? Your options are endless! If planning out your trip ahead of time, you can likely fit more into your schedule without feeling overwhelmed.

What to Book Ahead of Time

Booking housing, transportation, excursions, and luggage storage ahead of time will save you a lot of stress and money. Getting your plane ticket in advance is a given; however, planning for other areas can also be helpful.

Look ahead to where you plan on staying in order to reserve your hotel or Airbnb in advance. You can always find housing last minute instead, but you will likely find better deals and a wider variety of locations to choose from if planning this out ahead of time.

Planning your excursions in advance will secure your spot and save the stress of booking once you get there. If the attraction is popular, it may fill up by the time you arrive and take away your ability to see what you want to see if you don’t have pre-purchased tickets.

Consider Storing Your Luggage

Traveling can become stressful when keeping up with a lot of bags. Luggage storage in Florence is a great way to reduce this stress. There are endless locations in Florence that provide this service and will create a smoother, more enjoyable trip. Some of the following locations have available luggage storage nearby:

  • Santa Maria Novella
  • Perugia
  • Florence train station
  • Uffizi, Florence
  • Florence airport

In addition, preparing for your luggage storage is done through four easy steps:

  1. Search locations
  2. Book online
  3. Drop off items
  4. Enjoy the city!

The Take-Away

There are many things to consider when planning a trip to Florence, but hopefully this guide helps reduce anxiety while increasing excitement towards the adventure! Traveling can be fun, adventurous, and memorable when done correctly. Go over the lists above, budget yourself, plan your destinations, store your luggage, and enjoy your adventure!

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