Things a water enthusiast would love to do!

Are you a person that is fascinated with water and loves to explore it? If yes, then the upcoming information is one that will make you happy and joyful. There are innumerable water activities that one can do but among all them there exists activity that challenges your enthusiasm. Yes, these activities are Kayaking, Miami Beach Paddle Boarding and Snorkeling.  These three activities are solely for those who want a water adventure. And believe experts all three of them are easy but will give you goosebumps too. Want to get details about three of them, continue reading till the bottom.

Kayaking: what, where and why?

Boating is fun, right? But what if the paddle was in your hand and you were made to sit alone on a small vessel in the middle of the sea. Won’t this be adventurous enough to give you an adrenaline rush? This is what Kayaking is. You will be provided with a two-sided paddle and you have to row yourself in the sea and explore it as your own experience. You have to position yourself in the forward direction, legs in the front and with a double-bladed paddle in your hand.

It is not an intense activity but yet you must hire a guide or trainer to guide you. Inform him if you have any medical history as it could lead to problems. While you undertake Kayaking remember to not touch any creature or plant that comes your way. With safety measures kayaking will be the nicest experience you had in your lifetime. Pointers to take into consideration while kayaking is:

  • Remember to sit straight and tight.
  • Maintain yourself in velocity.
  • Be alert of anything going around.
  • Be in constant contact with other mates who are with you.
  • Recollect to constantly keep binoculars with you.

Paddle Boarding- what, where and why?

The water sport that has travelled a long way to make people feel the sea while standing over it. It gives a sea lover a great chance to slowly explore,  each part taking their own time. In this activity, you have to stand buoyant on a board and need to move forward by paddling. With a great sea exploration activity, it will also provide you with a tremendous cardio workout and burn calories from your body. People who just see it find it difficult and generally resist trying it.

But once you get on the board and maintain the momentum you will thank God that you tried it.  You will find it so amazing that you won’t stop recommending people around to try it once. But yes this adventure comes with risk and that is water itself. You must maintain a proper balance in order to avoid falling. Also, you must have all the safety equipment on to be prudent. You can follow the tips given below to have a great experience:

  • Learn how to swim.
  • You must practise in a pool or any other water body before falling into the activity.
  • When you start it, be on your knees.
  • Keep a wide gap among legs.
  • Have an idea of where to stand and how to hold a paddle.

Snorkelling Miami beach – what, where and why?

While everyone was a kid, he/she must have imagined exploring what’s in the depth of the sea? Is it actually Nemo’s world? But now those grown-up kids can surely explore the depth of the sea by Snorkelling. It is a unique water sport from both mentioned above. You will be given a pipe and fins. With these, you need to dive into the sea and explore it as much as you wish to. It is quite similar to scuba diving but far better than that as you can ditch those heavy scuba gears.

With snorkel and swim fins on, you can meet the creatures below the water level of the sea. But remember you will need a thorough practice of swimming and breath-holding before you undertake it. Always put a biodegradable sunscreen on while you are snorkelling. And never touch any corals as it could be harmful to you. Follow the upcoming tips to have a smooth experience:

  • Explore and get the perfect fit for your mask.
  • Remember to defog your mask.
  • If needed you must remove excess water from the mask.
  • Use full-foot fins to minimise energy usage.
  • Always be relaxed, never panic and have deep breaths.


Water activities are always fun to do but they are associated with several risk factors that make them adventurous. People who love exploring water must once try Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and Snorkelling in their entire life. It will give your enthusiasm a boost and you will never forget what you had explored. If done with all the safety measures these three are what you will find as heaven on the earth. Explore life under the sea with Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and Snorkelling.

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