Things You Should Know About Solitaire Engagement Rings

Things You Should Know About Solitaire Engagement Rings

When it comes to wowing your fiancee and other attendees – a solitaire engagement ring suits an engagement ceremony the best.

A solitaire is something that shows the peak of devotion and love.

No matter what shape of diamond you choose, the diamond piece is the best thing you can get.

The exclusive look of the solitaire center diamond is what adds to the unique beauty and makes the ring perfect.

Why You Should Pick a Certain Style of Solitaire Ring?

A solitaire ring is something that’s unmistakable in its charm and grandeur. It’s been centuries now that the distinct styling of these rings is seen as traditional luxury and elegance.

The structural design of the solitaire ring is such that it’s evergreen in appeal – and people always see it as a popular option for all diamond shapes.

Jewelry enthusiasts can have a ring setting style to their taste.

In a solitaire ring, the diamond is held by beautifully molded metal prongs. These prongs hold the center diamond upwards in such a way that the diamond piece becomes the focal point of attention.

Beauty & Attractiveness of the Solitaire Ring

When the diamond is held up with the assistance of prongs, onlookers see the light passing through the diamond. This light comes upwards from the bottom of the diamond stone – giving it a shining brilliance that’s exclusive to the solitaire ring only.

A range of varieties is available in terms of the metal used for these rings.

From 18 carat whistle to gold and platinum – the metals can be structurally molded to perfectly suit any diamond shape.

Are Solitaire Rings Expensive?

The cost of an engagement ring depends very much on the way the ring is styled.

A simple ring that does not have extra details like a diamond on the sides and an extra design will cost less in comparison with the one that has those details.

By going for simple-looking elegant bands, you can save money that can be spent on the diamond instead.

Also, if you prefer a heavier ring, it will cost you more compared with a lightweight band.

Uniquely Styled Solitaire Rings

Apart from the traditional styles of solitaire rings for engagement, these rings are also custom-made on order.

There are jewelers who specialize in making unique and unusual designs of solitaire rings. The various setting for these rings that can be chosen from are:

  • 6 claw setting
  • 4 claw setting
  • Partial bezels
  • Full bezels

Never been seen before shapes are also made – that can be selected by exploring. By doing so, one can give a new touch or flavor of uniqueness to onlookers.

Occasion Specific Solitaire Rings are Versatile

Because of their beauty in a simplistic appeal, solitaire diamond rings are a versatile solution to suit the taste of different people.

When it comes to different bands, any engagement band can be paired artistically with a solitaire. This way a solitaire diamond ring for engagement ceremonies can be made to look unique in many different ways.

No matter the kind of outfit you choose for engagement – these rings can be paired well with any dress.

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