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Tips to Care and Store Your Cocktail Dresses

Your cocktail dress is unlike something you’d wear on a regular schedule. It requires extra care to keep it looking its best and should be treated with caution. It’s popular to buy your dress a few weeks before the party, which raises the question of how to keep the cocktail dress clean.

It’s important to prepare your dress for weeks of hanging or storage so that it always looks great when you’re ready to wear it. Our guide will show you how to prepare your dress so that it maintains its charm properly. Then, when your special day arrives, your outfit will be ready to go. You will keep it crease-free and in like-new condition by following a few easy steps.

The first task is to find a secure storage facility. It could be in your closet or a different room. The area should be dust-free, spotless, and free of pets or children. Your dress should have enough space to avoid having to be folded in the first place. You should be able to avoid folds and crease lines as a part of this.

How to Store Your Dress before a Cocktail Party?

If at all possible, keep your dress in a flat box as little as possible. Hang your dress if you can’t store it flat.  Use a large, rounded hanger that won’t leave indentations on the dress’s straps or neckline. Cover with a plastic dress cover that zips through. Make sure the dress is not falling to the ground and is hanging straight. To keep your dress bug-free, spray it with a gentle insect/moth repellent. Before using the product, make sure that it doesn’t have a bad smell that would be difficult to clean from the fabric.

Prepare your Dress Before Wearing it:

As the Cocktail Party arrives, it’s time to take out your cocktail dress, air it out, and double-check that it’s still free of creases and wrinkles. Then, analyze your whole dress and try it once more. Check to see if the fabric is lying flat and hasn’t changed shape while being stored.

Don’t be shocked if you discover a wrinkle or crease. You can gently lift these from the fabric at home if you have a hand-held steamer. Alternatively, it would help if you had your dress pressed at a dry cleaner in London to remove any wrinkles. You should now be able to put on your cocktail dress and have a good time!

How to Clean Your Dress?

Your dress may have a tiny mark, stain, or hole/tear that needs to be repaired now that the night is over. You should clean your dress before storing it in your closet to be new and ready to wear again.

Examine your dress from head to toe. Make a note of any marks or stains that need to be repaired. It would be best if you tried to get rid of tiny stains on your own. However, you may also only take it to the dry cleaners for a thorough cleaning. You will need to use different treatments depending on the size of the stain and the type of stain.

Don’t worry if you notice a hole or tear; they can easily be patched or sewn up to look brand new. Before putting your dress away, locate a clothing repair shop or a seamstress in your area and get any repairs completed. Reattaching or repairing loose or missing embellishments or zips is also an option.

How To Keep Your Cocktail Dresses Looking Great?

Isn’t it true that if there’s one thing you want to wear to a holiday party, it’s a fun embellished number? On the other hand, these dresses can be difficult to wash and clean, particularly if you get a stain on them. Here are some fashion hacks to help you care for your luxurious Cocktail dresses.

  • Until washing, inspect the garment’s base fabric. If the dress is made of various materials, dry cleaning is the only way to clean it. Until washing, inspect the garment’s base fabric. If the dress is made of silk, dry cleaning is the only way to clean it.
  • Cleaning instructions can be found on the care label. Crushed velvet can be machine washed because the material’s structure has been “destroyed” before. However, it would help if you took other types of velvet to the dry cleaners, such as ciselé (patterned pieces, typically in baroque motifs) and chiffon velvet (lightweight material made of sheer silk or chiffon rayon).
  • When wearing tulle, keep your accessories to a bare minimum. For example, snaps and closures on jewelry are normally sharp, and they can easily stick to your tulle garments, causing them to snag.


Cleaning and storing each of your dresses can be a big pain with many different fabrics, embellishments, and designs. That’s why Hello Laundry provides the best dry cleaning service for wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, and more special dresses and shares storage advice for them. Now your dress will be ready for your next event.

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