Meat you can Smoke at your next BBQ

7 Types of Meat you can Smoke at your next BBQ

Barbecue smoking is considered to be the best cooking method. It doesn’t matter if you have been making pork shoulder, brisket, or fish, there is no food in the world that can’t be improved with the classic technique.

Because of the booming popularity of BBQ, these meat dishes have become expensive. But there are many online butchers or
places where you can find plenty of affordable and delicious options.

In fact, nowadays, you can order a desired cut from meat wholesalers Melbourne without stepping out of the house.

Smoked Meats are a prime example of how barbecue smoking is considered to be the best cooking method. It doesn’t matter if you have been making pork shoulder, brisket, or fish, there is no food in the world that can’t be improved with the classic technique.

Spatchcock Turkey:

Turkey can be the exquisite choice of lean meat. The whole spatchcock turkey is a delicious candidate for your smoker. If you smoke turkey it becomes moist and firm, while its flavors are creamy and sweet.

Spatchcocking makes cooking faster and better absorption of delightful smoky flavor. Not only this, but its aroma makes it stand out compared to its oven-cooked equivalent.

Pork Butt:

Pork Butt is loaded with flavor, therefore it becomes a great candidate for your smoker. Our main reason for recommending Pork Butt is that it is one of the cheapest cuts you can find.

The source of Pork Butt is the Upper part of the pig’s shoulder. This piece of meat is the part of hard-working muscles and tight connective tissue. Because of its dense tissues, this meat is perfect for smoking. The dense tissues slowly break down over a long cooking duration and you get beautiful tender, melt-in-the-mouth meat.

Lamb Shoulder:

The most popular meats to smoke are beef and pork, but lamb is also a great choice for smoke.

It comes from hard-working muscles of the shoulder area, so it is dense and packed with connective tissue like pork butt.

Lamb’s shoulder is high in fat and a great candidate for smoke. After smoking, the lamb shoulder gets gamey feels to it. Smoking complements lamb’s rich flavor and the result of this it gets an extra dimension of taste that you cannot get by roasting.

Chicken Breast:

When you cook chicken breast they dry out easily. But you can smoke them successfully if you take some extra care of them. You have to make some extra efforts to get the right flavor. But the taste is worth the extra effort.

To keep the chicken breast meat moist and tender, you can use a brining method. To get some extra flavor you can add some smoke chicken rub.

Pork Ribs:

For a barbecue enthusiastic, pork ribs are one of the most popular meat to smoke after beef brisket. If you are looking for a traditional type of meat for smoking, then the best option is pork ribs.

The whole slab has a lot of cartilage in it. Thus it becomes ideal for a slow cooking method such as smoking.

Cooking pork ribs need little experience as they are incredibly tender. After smoking the pork ribs, they become beautifully moist and tender.

Beef Brisket:

Beef brisket is a classic and old favorite. It’s considered to be the official choice for a Texas-style barbecue. The cut which is called brisket is a cut of beef from the lower chest from an animal. Since it’s a large cut, it requires slow cooking. It’s really an ideal choice for your smoker.

The great thing about beef brisket is that it’s comparatively easy to smoke. It requires almost no preparation. You just require a rub or brine on it before putting it in your smoker. Then it should be smoked ‘low and slow’, for breaking down all the tough connective tissue in the meat.

Lamb Leg:

The Lamb Leg is also the potential candidate for your smoker. It is a little more difficult to find the perfect lamb leg cut than lamb shoulders.

Lamb’s legs are generally available in two cuts. These cuts are called a narrow shank and a fattier, upper sirloin end. For smoking, upper sirloin is a great choice as it tends to be much fattier. The fat of the upper sirloin slowly melts away as it smokes for extra tender meat.

To smoke lamb legs, it takes low and slow smoking. You have to keep rotating it constantly, as the cuts are often uneven. The expected smoking time for lamb leg is around three to four hours.

Wrapping up:

Smoking is the most preferable method for all types of meat such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, etc. The aroma you get from the hardwood, adds some extra flavorsome which can’t be reproduced.

Smoking meat isn’t easy, but there are some basic principles you have to follow. If you are a beginner then you must know about your meat, your wood, and your rub.

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