Why use iOS for enterprise apps?

iOS is one of the most revenue-generating mobile OS platforms, making it the most preferred platform for many businesses to run their B2C mobile applications. The iOS platform is generally considered a lucrative asset that could drive higher customer engagement, reach more target audiences and help with brand remembrance.

A mobile app for any enterprise is almost a requirement now more than an additional decorative asset. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our everyday life and professional life. Most of these smartphones are either powered by iOS or Android. While Android holds a larger market share, powering every 2 in 3 smartphones, it can be beneficial to target iOS first. You should hire iOS developer with previous experience working on enterprise-grade iOS app solutions. We will see why choosing iOS for your enterprise app is a strategic and wise decision.

Things to consider when developing your enterprise app

Before we dive into the reasons to use iOS to power your enterprise app, you should have a better understanding of essential considerations to keep in mind before starting your enterprise app development project. A clear understanding of what you expect from your custom iOS app solution will help you develop a more efficient, cost-effective, scalable, secure, robust and user-friendly solution for your customers or business requirements. Here are some of the top factors to consider –

  • Proper understanding of your end-user requirements
  • Benefits and Limitations of the App Platform you’re selecting
  • Market Competition Analysis
  • App UI/UX Design Decisions
  • App Security Measurements and Protocols
  • Scalability of your App Solution
  • Ease of ROI Optimization

Reasons to use iOS for your enterprise app?

There are many reasons to choose iOS over Android to power your enterprise app. iOS is generally preferred as an operating software by businesses to build their app on as iOS is a closed-source platform with a limited set of devices that run on iOS.

This makes the app development process faster, testing the apps cheaper, and quality maintenance a breeze. Apart from all these benefits, many factors can convince you to prefer iOS for your enterprise app requirements. They are –

1.      Improved App Revenue

iOS apps have better revenue streams than Android apps. Even after holding a relatively minor market share than Android, iOS apps tend to outperform Android regarding ROI and spending on in-app purchases, subscriptions and other models.

This is primarily because the iOS user base is mainly from countries like the US, UK, Canada and other developed nations. So the users don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on a better user experience or unlocking a premium feature on smartphone apps.

2.      Unparalleled Customer Experience

What is the first trick to retaining customers while attracting new ones? Seamless and effortless customer experience! iOS users are generally happy users as the hardware and software capabilities of iOS and iPhone make the iOS app usage experience unparalleled.

This difference in quality is reflected in the strict Apple Store Guidelines set by Apple, which rejects apps that don’t follow best coding practices and design guidelines set by Human Interface Guidelines. This forces the developers to maintain a certain quality in their iOS apps compared to Android.

3.      Higher Security and Secured Transactions

When building enterprise apps, security for sensitive information and proper protocols for securing transactions is a must if you deal with ecommerce activities.

iOS as a platform provides a shield to most external exploits like malware and viruses, which makes it an ideal platform to power your enterprise app with iOS. It also encrypts online deals, so even if any exploiter tries hacking your app, they don’t get access to your financial data.

4.      Easy Testing Process

Apple has limited devices compared to Android, and hence there are lesser devices to test your iOS app for, reducing the overall time taken and cost incurred on iOS app testing. The lower fragmentation is one of the most significant advantages of iOS app development. Although there are fewer devices to test, Apple apps undergo rigorous testing, ensuring the apps remain functional and in their best health at all times. Some of the tests your iOS app will go through are UI, security, field, automation, manual, and more.

5.      Loyal Customer Base

Apple users get used to the comfort and unparalleled experience of using Apple devices. The performance is so seamless that once a user enters the iOS ecosystem, it is very rare for them to shift to any other OS afterward. Also, Apple users’ paying capacity globally is considerably higher than Android users. Hence when you create an iOS-based app, your customer retention chances increase by many folds.

6.      Better Scalability

Scalability is an essential aspect of any enterprise business. And the best way to scale your business is by choosing iOS app development to power your enterprise-grade app solutions. All apps built on the iOS platform are inherently scalable. Furthermore, if you hire dedicated developers for iOS app development, you can always modify your app’s architecture and functions to cater to your expanding enterprise requirements.

7.      Stunning UI/UX

iOS apps are known for their stunning app designs, which drive better user engagements for your app. iOS apps can attract more customers to download and try your app, which gives your business a boost globally. The default fonts, user navigation and icons on iOS have a rich, high-quality feel that significantly enhances your iOS app design.

8.      Access to Tech Savvy Customer Base

Apple has a strong base of users more inclined toward technology and applications. This gives you access to a more targeted audience than Android, and due to that, you don’t have to worry about teaching your customers how to make use of your app correctly as well. Moreover, they value the nuances of your app more.

9.      Rapid Data Moving between Apple Devices

When you build an app for iPhone or iPad, you can quickly transfer app data between various Apple devices. Hence you can move your enterprise data across various devices quickly and in no time, making iOS a preferred platform for your enterprise apps.

Final Words

These are the prime benefits of using iOS to power your next enterprise application. iOS apps are designed and developed with excellence and customer experience in mind. Therefore, it is best suited for developing custom enterprise app solutions. Hire dedicated iOS developers from a trusted and reputed IT company or outsource your iOS project to an offshore development agency to get the best iOS app for your enterprise.

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