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Top 10 Most Difficult Winter Sports

When the snow falls, the winter sports fans come out in their droves to enjoy their favourite activities. From snowboarding to sledding, skating to skiing and everything in between, winter sports truly do fall in a league of their own.

As we move into winter months, the adrenaline junkies out there may be keen to try out a new activity to stave off the winter blues. Or maybe you’d rather just sit back and watch some crazy sports events from the comfort of your own sofa.

Whatever your preference, we are here to reveal the top ten most difficult winter sports you need to know about. Read on to find out more!

  1. Bobsleigh – scarier than it sounds

Bobsleighing sounds like it would be all fun in games. However, it’s actually one of the most extreme sports in the world.

Travelling at phenomenal speeds, bobsleigh teams travel down narrow, twisting ice tracks in a-gravity powered sled. Reaching speeds of up to 156 km (97 mph), this is undoubtedly one of the most difficult winter sports.

  1. Downhill skiing / Alpine skiing – next level skiing

Regular skiing is tricky enough as it is. So, add the element of steep declines and you’ve got a sport that’s near impossible.

Alpine skiing, or downhill skiing, sees the participant slide downhill on skis with fixed-heel bindings – as opposed to the more common free-heel bindings.

  1. Skeleton – a scary name for a scary sport

Skeleton is a pretty fitting name for this terrifying winter sport. Those partaking must ride a small bobsled – known as a skeleton bobsled – down a frozen track lying face down and travelling head first.

Thanks, but I think we’ll pass on this one!

  1. Slopestyle – skiing and snowboarding

Also known as freestyle, slopestyle is a winter sport for both skiers and snowboarders. Also, you can buy snowboard storage rack to store your skis and snowboard to keep them safe in a neutral position. Those taking part travel down a course that includes various obstacles, such as rails, jumps, and more.

It really takes some skill to successfully complete the course and it’s amazing to watch!

  1. Aerials – acrobatics on skis

Aerials, or aerial skiing, is pretty self-explanatory from the name.

Not too far removed from slopestyle, this terrifying winter sport sees athletes launch themselves off a kicker or ramp to perform multiple twists and tricks in the air.

  1. Ski jumping – who can jump the farthest?

Next up on our list of most difficult winter sports is ski jumping. In this hair raising activity, participants compete to see who can achieve the farthest jump after launching themselves off a specially designed ramp.

However, participants aren’t just judged on the length of this jump. Factors such as their aerial style also affect their final score.

  1. Ski cross – similar to slopestyle

Incorporating features from freestyle skiing, ski cross has the added element of being a timed event. Thus, adding that extra element of difficulty.

Those involved must ski down features such as huge jumps and high-banked turns.

  1. Snowboard cross – an adrenaline-fuelled event

Snowboard cross sees four to six competitors race down a freestyle course that is similar to that of ski cross or slopestyle.

Those taking part face the challenge of remaining in control while maintaining the maximum possible speed. Features can include everything from jumps to rollers, berms to drops, and more.

  1. Half-pipe skiing – a truly tricky track

You might have made it this far on our list and be thinking, ‘Surely there couldn’t be sports any more difficult than those previously mentioned’. Well, that’s where you’d be wrong.

Taking second place on our list is the hairraising event known as half-pipe skiing. Competitors must ride snow skis down a half-pipe and perform a number of tricks along the way.

Those who want the added challenge compete in the ramped up version of this sport known as superpipe skiing.

  1. Nordic combined – combining various skills in one event

Topping our list of most difficult winter sports is the extremely challenging event known as Nordic combined.

In this event, competitors must compete in both cross-country skiing and ski jumping. First held at the Winter Olympics back in 1924, this is undoubtedly one of the most difficult events to grace the world of winter sports.

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